List of Ugandan news, video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. websites (for reference only)

Name Website RelationshipsIntroduction
Statehouse Ugandahttp://www.statehouse.go.ugUgandanThis website is the official website of the Government of Uganda (Statehouse Uganda), which mainly provides government institutions, functional profiles, links to the Office of the President, current affairs, video pictures, etc. The language of the website is English.
Uganda Sports Channel Sports Channel broadcasts free sports TV all day long with over 10 million viewers. The TV signal can reach areas such as Kampala city and suburbs, Jinja, Entebbe city, parts of Masaka, etc.
UGPulse is one of the largest general category portals in Uganda, covering local news, forums, chat rooms, videos, music, etc. on politics, sports, culture, people, business, arts, cars, education, tourism, environmental health, etc. in Uganda. The language of the website is English.
NTV, located in Kampala, Uganda, is a television station funded by the Ugandan government, providing all kinds of new information, discussion of current hot topics, program content guide, program highlights review, program schedule, etc. The language of the website is English.
Uganda Tourism Tourism Board provides you with information about traveling in Uganda, including destination exploration, tourist activities, accommodation, transportation, etc.
The Red Pepper Red Pepper is a small English-language newspaper published and distributed in Uganda in 2001 and is known for its bold and direct coverage of sensational news and scandals, making it one of the most popular newspapers in Uganda.
Musicuganda.com is a comprehensive introduction to Ugandan music, including Ugandan songs, dance, drama, and more, offering online radio and television; publishing musician profiles and information. The site is Uganda’s leading music and entertainment website and the language of the site is English.
Uganda’s Daily Monitor newspaper (Daily Monitor)’s Daily Monitor newspaper (Daily Monitor).
The New Vision New Vision (Uganda), Uganda’s leading daily newspaper.
Google Uganda search engine website Uganda search engine website.
Uganda Featuredhttp://www.ugandapicks.comUgandanNews stories, independent analysis, and commentary from Uganda and around the world.
BROVAD TOURS AND TRAVEL Uganda Travel is a professional tour operator that promotes Uganda’s tourism industry by providing excellent travel services to tourists only
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