List of Cameroonian news, video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. websites (for reference only)

Name WebsiteRelationshipsIntroduction
Cameroon Presidency official website of the Cameroon Presidency, is available in French and English, with contents including country profile, government institutions, president, first lady, diplomacy, current affairs, and other important news.
Cameroonian music videos Music Video mainly publishes the most popular music videos by artists in Cameroon, and users can search to watch music videos according to their favorite musicians. In addition, the site has a list of the most popular music videos, so that users who do not have a target can listen selectively according to the list. The site is available in English.
Cameroon Online Online is a well-known portal in Cameroon that not only covers a large amount of local and international political, economic and social news but also features online video and audio on demand. The portal allows users to learn about the latest happenings in Cameroon and it also serves as a window to the world for local people.
Cameroon Sacré Voyages Sacré Voyages is a travel agency specializing in all of Cameroon, offering mountain climbing, forest trekking expeditions, primitive tribal life experiences, wildlife park visits, etc. The agency only offers hotel reservations and tours in Cameroon, not international airline reservations or other services. The website is in French.
Canal 2 Infos 2 Infos is famous for providing all kinds of news and information. This website is mainly updated with all kinds of news, offering online viewing of some news, schedule of programs, a preview of program content, hot tracking and reviews, etc. The language of this website is French.
Equinoxe TV TV is a famous commercial TV station in Cameroon, the website mainly keeps the same programs as the TV broadcast, updates the information of various programs in time, provides online episodes of some programs to watch, program schedule, etc. The language of the website is French.
Cameroon Tribune Tribune is the official newspaper of Cameroon, the official language of the website is English, its content includes Cameroon news, a forum, photos, a travel guide, a casino guide, sports, etc.
Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV)http://www.crtv.cmCameroonianContains news, radio, TV, program schedule, forum, etc.
The leading portal in Cameroon (in Belgium)http://www.camer.beCameroonianThe leading portal in Cameroon (in Belgium).
Cameroon portalhttp://cameroon-info.netCameroonianCameroon portal, Cameroon news, politics, sports, videos, music, culture, radio, forums, photos, chat rooms, etc.
CameroonWebhttps://www.cameroonweb.comCameroonianAbout Cameroon: business, culture, education, government, latest news, and background information.
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