List of websites with news, video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. from the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (for reference only)

Name Website RelationshipsIntroduction
Official website of the Presidency of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Republic of CongoOfficial website of the Presidency of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, website language is French
Republic of Congo of CongoOfficial website of the Presidency of the Republic of Congo, website language is French
Congo Pages (DRC)Congo Pages is a portal in the DRC, which provides a comprehensive introduction to local life and culture, mainly in terms of geography, cultural background, and natural features.
Go Congo Tour Operator Go Congo Tour Operator (Go Congo Tour Operator) is a well-known travel agency specializing in domestic travel itineraries in Congo, highlighting cultural tours in Congo, promoting understanding and respecting local culture, and providing travel services with strong characteristics.
The Reference newspaper The Reference newspaper is a newspaper published in the African country of DRC. With a daily circulation of 5,000 copies, it has been a newspaper with a very large circulation in the country.
Congo Travel Service


Congo Travel Service (CTS) is a Congolese travel agency that is a member of the IATA International Air Transport Union and is based in Brazzaville, the capital of Congo.
Congo Site is the Congo (Brazzaville) Congo Site is an influential portal in Congo-Brazzaville that covers political, economic, and social news of the country. It also has information about life, such as movies and music, sports events, etc. It is available in French.
Digitalcongo.net is a state-owned digital television station in Congo, which is established with the financial support of the Congolese government, simulcasting various programs of digital television, providing program schedules, hot news insights, etc. The language of the website is French.
Brazzaville Express Launched in 1998 by the Central African News Agency, Brazzaville Express is now the largest circulation newspaper and the only French-language daily in the Congo.
Télé 50 Télé 50 is a private television station in Congo, offering TV schedules, preview program content, online news videos, hot spots tracking with simultaneous, current news updates, and links to other major Congolese websites, etc. The website language is French.
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