List of Cape Verdean news, video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, and other websites (for information only)

NameWebsite RelationshipsIntroduction
Cape Verdean Government VerdeanWebsite of the Government of Cape Verde, available in Portuguese, English and French, with information on the country profile, introduction to the functions of the government and its departments, speeches, announcements, news, the President, the National Assembly, the Supreme Court, etc.
Archipelago Cape Verde VerdeanArchipelago Cape Verde Travel Agency (Archipelago Cape Verde) provides casual class tickets, group tickets, domestic/international joint air tickets and charter services; passports, visas; itinerary consultation, travel cost consultation and return visits; air tickets, tickets, hotels, travel products, travel networks, conference reservations, etc.; handling return comments and suggestions and other services.
Caboverde VerdeanCaboverde is a large portal in Cape Verde that focuses on the geography, history, human and natural environment of the Cape Verde Islands. It also provides information on local education, climate and agriculture, and the site is available in both Portuguese and English.
The Island Express VerdeanThe Island Express, established in 1991, is the local Portuguese language weekly newspaper in Cape Verde and is the largest selling newspaper on the island. The newspaper’s website is dedicated to local and archipelagic headlines and international news, and is now an important online window for local people to learn about current events.
Cape Verdean weekly newspaper online VerdeanCape Verdean weekly newspaper online.
Cape Verdean news websitehttp://www.visaonews.comCape VerdeanCape Verdean news website.
Cape Verde Islands web guidehttp://www.caboverde24.comCape VerdeanCape Verde Islands web guide.
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