List of German video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

MyVideo.dehttp://www.myvideo.deGermanGerman video sites, funny videos, music, TV shows, and free movies.
T-online T-online website video channel, Bundesliga videos, celebrity videos, sports videos, funny videos, and TV specials.
Google Germany-video Germany video search, search millions of videos across the web.
WEB.DE website video channel with the best videos in news, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, cars, TV, and food.
GMX GMX website video channel, car, food, leisure life, sports, news, entertainment, TV and other videos.
Yahoo Germany – Online Video
GermanYahoo Germany online video, watch videos online for free.
Spiegel Online – Video online videos about politics, economy, panorama, sports, technology news, and top news videos.
TubGet  GermanTibet is a website that allows you to download videos in MP4 and MP3 format from YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc. Tibet has no restrictions and can be used without installation.
Online-Vorlesungen.de the website, numerous video lectures are available for free viewing. From archaeology to economics, a total of 30 educational videos in different subject areas are presented in both German and English. Students can not only preview and review their own subjects, but also browse and learn about other subjects to increase their knowledge base; professors can see the content of other teachers’ lectures to build up inspiration for their own classes, and seniors no longer need to go to a crowded university classroom to listen to lectures, but can study directly at home. The most important thing is that these videos are free of charge, and the tuition expenses are greatly reduced.
GermanWith Lecturio’s online courses, you can study anywhere, anytime. Lecturio covers basically every field and topic with video learning material, available on laptops, iPads, and smartphones, even on trains or planes without internet connection, using the offline function. The Lecturio website completely breaks the limits of time and space, making learning free and fun.
Uni Tübingen the Data Processing Center of the University of Tübingen, you can find many free educational videos on subjects such as philosophy (Augustinian philosophy, philosophical ethics, etc.), German language and literature (introduction to German literature, changes in linguistics, etc.), mathematical analysis or medicine (physiology, anatomy). By searching by faculty and professional category, you can watch the fascinating lectures of the professors for free.
Lernfunk Lernfunk, the media portal of the University of Osnabrück, you can watch more than 1,400 learning videos for free. From lectures on media literacy to computer science to sociology and education, video material from numerous fields of expertise can be viewed here. The Lernfunk project has been developed since 2007 by the “Center for Information Management and Virtual Teaching” at the University of Osnabrück and is capable of producing podcasts in various formats (audio, video, screen recordings) for use in media players such as iTunes and iTunes U media players.
Tele-task.de Tele-task, a distance learning portal operated by the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) at the University of Potsdam, you will find thousands of free educational videos and full lecture recordings. This site features videos as well as lectures and PPTs to reinforce what you have learned.
mysterysciencemysteryscience.comGermanDoes mystery Science offer nearly 100 free science lessons from kindergarten through fifth grade on topics as diverse as who invented pizza? Can animals make laughing noises? Are dragons real? How did dinosaurs become extinct and what other science topics are of interest to kids?
Rechnungswesen-verstehen.de video learning site is mainly for students of economics, both corporate economics and popular economics, where all kinds of complex and esoteric economic and accounting knowledge can be taught in an easy-to-understand way.
Deutsche Wirtschaftswoche is Germany’s largest and most authoritative economic weekly, reporting on global economic events and analyzing economic trends for its readers. With over 100 economists, its readership is focused on decision-makers in companies in German-speaking countries.
German newspaper “Handelsblatt is a leading German-language business newspaper founded in 1946 and known as the “German Wall Street Journal”. It is divided into 48 to 80 pages with sections on “Politics and Economics”, “Business and Markets” and “Finance and Investment”.
Picture Newspaper daily newspaper “Kommersant” is a German daily newspaper, published by Axel Springer AG, with its headquarters in Hamburg. With the largest circulation in Europe, Picture Post has a large readership and a strong influence on the formation of public opinion.
German TV One One Deutschland is a German public television channel and a community of member stations of the German Radio and Television Federation (ARD). German TV One was first recorded in 1952 in Hamburg and then co-produced by the then Northwest German Broadcasting.
Deutsche Welle Welle is an international public media outlet under German public law and a member of the German Radio and Television Federation (ARD). With more than 1,500 staff from more than 60 countries, it produces radio, television and Internet information for the world.
West German Radio and Television German Radio and Television (WDR) is Germany’s largest regional broadcaster and state radio station, founded in 1955 and based in Cologne.
Weser Zeitung, a newspaper from the northwest of Germany, based in Bremen and part of the Bremen Daily News Group GmbH, was founded in 1945 and is now the leading newspaper media in Bremen and the surrounding region of Lower Saxony, with a neutral political orientation.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung is a German-language daily newspaper with its headquarters in Frankfurt. The Review was first printed on 1 August 1945. Currently, the Review is a Frankfurt printing press and belongs to the daily newspapers that dominate German public opinion and have an important social impact.
Berliner Zeitung German newspaper Berliner Zeitung was founded in 1945 and is the newspaper of choice for people in the Berlin-Brandenburg area, with a readership mainly living in the eastern part of the German capital.
Spektrum (Germany) is a science and technology magazine, published monthly and based in Heidelberg. Its first edition was officially launched in 1978 and covers spectral science, stars, and space, the brain-mind, physical science, and more.
Financial Times Deutschland Financial Times Deutschland has been published since 2000 by the London-based Financial Times, which has its own editorial department and a circulation of around 90,000 in 2003.
Hamburger Abendblatt official website of the German newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt (Hamburger Abendblatt). Despite the name Hamburger Abendblatt, this newspaper is in fact entirely in the form of a daily newspaper in terms of layout and content, and in a rather serious style, and can be read by readers at four in the morning.
Stuttgarter Zeitung website of the German newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung (Stuttgart).
Aktuelle Nachrichten Rheinische Post (Aktuelle Nachrichten) is the national newspaper of Germany.
Cologne Express Germany German newspaper EXPRESS (Cologne Express), is only distributed in the Cologne, Düsseldorf (also known as Lower Rhine) district.
Hamburger Morgenpost website of the Hamburger Morgenpost (Hamburg, Germany).
Der Tagesspiegel German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel (Daily Mirror) is a classical liberal newspaper founded in 1945 and based in the capital Berlin, offering content and news in the sections Politics, Berlin, Economy, Media, Sports, World, Culture, and more.
German weekly newspaper Die Zeit on 21 February 1946, Die Zeit is a German-language weekly newspaper covering the whole of Germany. It is published every Thursday, with the customary early publication on holidays.
German newspaper Die Welt Welt is a German daily newspaper with inter-regional circulation and its headquarters in Hamburg. The newspaper positions itself as belonging to the civic conservative faction, and in terms of political economy, the newspaper has a clear preference for a market economy.
German TV One (ARD) launched in November 1954, German TV One (ARD) is a national public television station in Germany. The programs are produced in cooperation with the member state radio and television stations of the German Public Television Union and are broadcast nationally via the national distribution network and the state television stations.
German Television 2 (ZDF) (German Television 2) was launched on 1 April 1963 and is the main national public television station in Germany, based in Mainz. ZDF 2 has interview and production facilities in the capital and the Länder, and all programs are accompanied by stereo sound.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung is a national German-language daily newspaper, founded in 1949 and based in Frankfurt am Main. The newspaper has a serious layout and is divided into sections on politics, economics, and the arts. Its readers are mainly middle-class intellectuals and it has a high profile and a large readership at home and abroad.
CHIP is the world’s most influential IT magazine with authoritative product reviews and technical applications. Born from the German Vogel Media Group, CHIP has been a leader in the German computer market since its inception and has become one of the most popular computer magazines.
Der Spiegel Germany of Germany’s most famous weekly magazines, the young editors of Spiegel established the magazine’s main theme from its inception: political criticism and serious political commentary. The magazine claims to be “Germany’s most important and most widely circulated weekly news magazine in Europe”.
Focus Weekly third largest newsweekly in Germany and one of the most influential in the country. The weekly is published in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, and distributed nationwide. It is biased toward political conservatives and economic liberals.
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