List of Turkmenistan’s video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, and other websites (for information only)

NameWebsiteRelationship Introduction

ZAMAN is one of the largest portal sites in Turkmenistan, offering the latest news and information, games, searches, dating, e-mail, etc. The language of the site is Turkmen.
Turkmenistan.gov of the Turkmenistan government, available in Turkmen, Russian, and English. Contents include country profile, government introduction, public information, public services, official news, etc.
Turkmenistan Music Network is a resource for information on Turkmen music, including information on music singers, traditional ethnic instruments, and the possibility of downloading music. The site is in English.
Ayan Travel Agency Travel Service aims to provide visitors from all over the world with a unique insight into the culture, ancient civilization, and breathtaking natural beauty of Turkmenistan. The tour program includes visits to ancient monuments, mountain climbing, and gliding, as well as the customs of neighboring countries.
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