List of Afghan video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, and other websites (for information only).

Name Website RelationshipIntroduction
Afghanistan Newshttp://www.afghanistannews.netAfghanOfficial website providing Afghanistan news from local and international sources and offering business and finance, Afghanistan weather, Afghanistan maps, local newspapers
Afghanistan Onlinehttp://www.afghan-web.comAfghanInformation about Afghanistan news, history, culture, and more.
Bakhtar Afghan News Agency official news agency of the Afghan government and the main source of news for all Afghan media.
Khaama Presshttp://www.khaama.comAfghanThe largest news website in Afghanistan.
Afghanistan Dawn TV TV (Dawn TV) is the largest television station in Afghanistan and one of the first commercial stations. It currently provides a free signal to 14 cities within Afghanistan and will later be expanded to other parts of the country.
Afghanistan Islamic News Islamic News is a very reliable local newspaper in Afghanistan. The website is available in English and Arabic and is a reliable source station for reporting news from within Afghanistan, not only providing the latest news from Afghanistan but also interacting between webmasters.
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