List of Costa Rican news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name Website Relationships Introduction
Official website of the Presidency of Costa Rica RicanOfficial website of the Presidency of Costa Rica, the website language is Spanish. The Republic of Costa Rica, abbreviated as Costa Rica, is located in North America, with the capital and seat of government in San José, and the official language is Spanish. It has a presidential system, with the President as Head of State and Government.
Costa Rican portal with news RicanThe largest general portal in Costa Rica, including news, sports, chat and dating, email, forum community, horoscope, etc. The site language is Spanish.
Costa Rica Tourism Board RicanThe Costa Rica Tourism Board provides official information about Costa Rica tourism, offering a general overview of the country, destinations, routes, transport, and accommodation.
Costa Rican Chinese Network RicanThe most communicative Chinese community media, Costa Rica news, Chinese forum, classified ads, job hunting, and recruitment, shop buying, and selling, integrated game point card mall.
The Costa Rican Nation  Costa RicanLa Nación (The Costa Rican Nation) is a newspaper published for San José, Costa Rica. The newspaper is the number one newspaper in Costa Rica. It is published every day except for the three Costa Rican holidays, Good Friday, Saturday, and New Year’s Day.
The Costa Rican Free Press  Costa RicanLa Prensa Libre (The Costa Rican Free Press) is a newspaper published for the Costa Rican capital, San José. The newspaper is the oldest continuously published newspaper in Costa Rica, it was founded on June 11, 1889.
(Costa Rica Extra)  Costa RicanDiario Extra (Costa Rica Extra) is a Costa Rican tabloid newspaper. It is one of the newspapers with a large daily circulation in Costa Rica. Its main audience is the Costa Rican working class.
(National News)www.imprenal.go.crCosta RicanThe Costa Rican newspaper Imprenta Nacional (National News) is one of the three main newspapers in Costa Rica, and its paper edition is in Spanish. This website is its official website and provides news and information on national and international politics, economy, sports, society, videos, pictures, etc. The language of the website in Spanish.
Google search engine RicanGoogle search engine Costa Rica site, web, image, and news search, support personalized search and local search, offers forum, email, calendar service, and desktop search tools.
El Observadorhttps://observador.crCosta RicanNews from Costa Rica and the world.
Teletica.comhttps://www.teletica.comCosta RicanNational and international news, as well as the best sporting events and productions in Costa Rica. Live TV and radio.
Costa Rica Newshttps://www.elmundo.crCosta RicanCosta Rica News.
LOS 40 PRINCIPALES (COSTA RICA) RicanLos 40 Principales (Costa Rica) is the Costa Rican branch of Los 40 Principales music radio station, part of the prisa group. It offers music fans the most popular music and the freshest music information in Costa Rica and abroad, in addition to the ability to sample music and purchase music CDs online, in Spanish.
FCN FAMILY CHRISTIAN NETWORK RicanThe FCN Family Christian Network is the leading Christian television station in Costa Rica, which broadcasts programs related to Christianity.
CDR CANAL 2 RicanCDR Canal 2 is the leading commercial television station in Costa Rica. This website offers the latest program schedule, various news and information, program guides, previews, and some programs to watch online, in Spanish.
A.M. COSTA RICA RicanFounded in 2001, this website is the online content of the English-language Costa Rican newspaper, presenting content on sports, politics, travel, leisure, environment, agriculture, current affairs, and classifieds.
ENLACE TBN RicanEnlace TBN is located in the capital of Costa Rica, San José, one of the largest commercial television stations in Costa Rica. The site is mainly kept up to date with the broadcast of the station’s programs, offering up-to-date schedules, program guides, online audiovisuals of programs, etc. The site is in Spanish.
CRISTO VISIÓN CANAL 31 RicanCristo Visión Canal 31 is one of Costa Rica’s most famous TV stations, popular with local viewers, offering schedules of various programs, online news tracking, presentations of key topical programs, weather, etc. The website is in Spanish.
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