List of Danish video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

NameWebsite RelationshipsIntroduction
MTV.DKwww.mtv.dkDanish MTV.DK: Danish Music Television is the official website of Danish Music Television, broadcasting a variety of music programmes with a focus on Danish local music; providing information on programme schedules, selected music samples, celebrity updates, album pre-sales, etc.
Imusicwww.imusic.dkDanish Imusic:Danish music charts is a website that provides the latest information on Danish music, artist recordings, CDs, DVDs music purchases etc. This website is suitable for those who know the Danish music scene.
TV2 (TV2, Danmark) Commercial television station that broadcasts all of its programmes, except for news and specific regionally produced programmes, provided by independent programming agencies. Its website is one of the most visited websites by Danes.
Danmarks Radio,DRhttp://www.dr.dkDanish Danish Radio and Television (Danmarks Radio, DR), founded in 1925, is the largest national radio and television station in Denmark. DR’s website offers live news broadcasts from all TV and radio channels.
Denmark TV Guidehttp://www.tvguide.dkDanish Denmark TV Guide
TV Nutaaq TV Nutaaq is one of the local TV stations in Greenland, offering a variety of general programmes including news, rule of law, TV series etc. The website offers a variety of services such as programme schedules, programme guides, online auditions of programmes, etc. The language of the website is Danish.
TV3http://www.tv3.dkDanish Comprehensive TV station, though many people don’t receive it.
24 Nordjyske 24 Nordjyske is a Danish news television station, rolling 24 hours a day, including international and national news programmes, TV broadcast schedules, news videos, news tracking, top recaps, interviews with people, etc. The website language is Danish.
6eren 6eren is a Danish sports television station that broadcasts live and broadcasts major events and sports programmes from around the world, with a focus on European sports events. Offers sports schedules, online streaming, links to commercials, etc. The website language is Danish.
All Things Christmas All Things Christmas is a website about all things Christmas, including Christmas customs, Christmas trees, Christmas-themed cards, games, music, videos, food, stories, decorations, forums and more.
Disney Channel (Denmark)http://www.disney.dkDanish Disney Channel (Denmark)
Kanal 4http://www.tvdanmark.dkDanish Mainly all show American programmes.
Politiken The Danish newspaper Politiken (Politics).
Ekstra Bladet Danish newspaper Extra (Ekstra Bladet).
Berlingske Tidende
Danish The Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende is the oldest and most widely circulated Danish-language folio daily and the most prestigious premium newspaper in Denmark.
Informationhttp://www.information.dkDanish The Danish newspaper Information (Information).
Jyllands-Posten Jyllands-Posten (Denmark).
The Danish daily newspaper Bersenhttp://borsen.dkDanish The Danish newspaper Børsen is an influential business newspaper in Denmark and Northern Europe, covering information on the business world, both domestically and worldwide, including investment, the stock market, financing, currency and more.
Denmark BT News Read the latest news, celebrities, sports, royalty and politics.
MSN Denmark Read the latest news from the main Danish and international media. Check out weather, politics, sports, finance and health. Login to MSN Hotmail, MSN Outlook, Facebook and Skype.
Ritzaus Bureauhttp://www.ritzau.dkDanish The Danish News Agency (Ritzaus Bureau) is the only national news agency in Denmark, founded in 1866, and the earliest established news agency in Scandinavia, with its head office in Copenhagen, it is part of a joint stock company owned by the Danish newspapers.
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