List of Panamanian news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name WebsiteRelationshipsIntroduction
The official website of the Presidency of Panama The official website of the Presidency of Panama, in Spanish, with information about the President, the First Lady, and the Ministers, as well as links to the websites of various government departments.
Panama News Panama News is a very influential newspaper in Panama. The website is in English and provides news content in the fields of economy, culture, life, and nature.
Panama Guide Panama Guide is Panama’s number one website in English and currently has almost 20,000 articles, including news about Panama in English and other information for visiting or settling in Panama. The website has articles categorized by subject.
La Prensawww.prensa.comPanamanian La Prensa (Panama) is a conservative Panamanian newspaper founded in 1980 and published in Spanish in paper form. This website is its official website, featuring national and international news, videos, pictures, etc.
Autoridad de Turismo de Panamawww.atp.gob.paPanamanian This website is the official website of the Panama Tourism Authority (Autoridad de Turismo de Panama), providing information on Panama’s people and attractions, tourist activities, travel news tips, etc.
TV TV Max is one of the largest television media in Panama, based in Panama City, offering online videos, TV schedules, previews of program content highlight reviews, TV shopping, and more. This website is its official website and the language of the site is in Spanish.
Google Panamá Google Panamá – Google search engine Panama site.
Panama’s newspaper Panama’s newspaper, The Star, was founded in 1853.
TVN is a Panamanian film channel dedicated to films, presenting the various programs broadcast by the station, offering short online videos, previews of program times, interviews with celebrities, and various other film and television services, the website is in Spanish.
Hipodromo Presidente Remon TV website is the official website of the television station Hipodromo Presidente Remon TV, located in Panama City, Panama, which has a high rating in Panama. The website provides a schedule of its programs, a summary of what is on air, news updates, etc. The website is available in Spanish.
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