List of Polish video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Filmwebhttp://www.filmweb.plPolishFilmweb is the largest Polish film service website with the latest information on films, TV, and actors
PUDELEKhttp://www.pudelek.plPolishSensation, gossip, scandal, celebrity, celebrity.
Polish and world news.http://www.gazeta.plPolishPolish and world news.
Canal+, located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is a Polish sports television station. It mainly broadcasts and relays various sports programs, provides airtime for various sports programs and offers the latest online videos, interviews with sports stars, and other kinds of information, the website language is Polish.
Polish Music Television Music Television is located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The station offers a variety of music programs, a schedule of TV shows broadcast, exciting online videos, reviews of music programs, interviews with celebrities, registered users can download music, etc. The website language is Polish.
Polskie Radio in 1925, Polskie Radio is a national public radio station in Poland. It currently broadcasts five programs, four of which are aimed at domestic listeners, and its signal covers the whole of Poland.
Polish News Agency Polish News Agency (PAP) is the national news agency of Poland, dating back to the establishment of the Polish Telegraph Agency in 1918, with branches in seven countries in Europe and the USA. PAP provides its clients with daily news, news pictures, and economic, scientific, and cultural news in categories such as domestic and international.
Interia.plhttp://www.interia.plPolishis a famous Polish search portal, created in 1999, which provides quality search engines, domestic and international news, and information, online games, blogs, forums, chat rooms, shopping, travel, videos, and other comprehensive web services.
Gazeta Wyborcza Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza (Election) was the first fully independent newspaper in Poland after the East European upheaval, founded in 1989 and based in Warsaw, with a center-left political orientation. It was once the top national daily in Poland in terms of circulation before being overtaken by other newspapers.
Polish Political Weekly in 1957, the Polish weekly Polityka is a general weekly newspaper with a national circulation of around 300,000 copies, aimed at an educated audience, with distributors also in the USA and Canada.
Rzeczpospolita Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita, founded in 1982, is a national general daily newspaper, originally a government organ, but later converted into a private, independent newspaper with national circulation
WPROST (Polish Straight Talk) is a general weekly newspaper, founded in 1982, with national circulation and distributors in the USA and Canada, with a circulation of around 300,000 copies, mainly for people with secondary and higher education in large and medium-sized cities.
Newswee Poland is a general weekly magazine, edited and published in Polish by the US-based Newsweek Group since 2001, under the same name.

Wirtualna Polska Polish portal offering search engine, mail, auction, finance, communication, news, games, music, sports, and other internet services
onet.pl largest portal in Poland, offering all kinds of news and information as well as shopping, blogging, dating, search, and more.
The largest Internet TV in Poland.http://wp.tvPolishThe largest Internet TV in Poland.
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