List of Uruguayan news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name Website RelationshipIntroduction
Official website of the Presidency of Uruguay website of the Presidency of Uruguay, the website language is Spanish. The Eastern Republic of Uruguay, or Uruguay for short, is located in the southeast of South America, with its capital and seat of government in Montevideo, and the official language is Spanish.
The Search Newspaper recherche is a weekly newspaper with national circulation in Uruguay, printed in black and white, except for the advertisements, which are in color. The newspaper initially focused only on political and economic news, and then gradually added culture, science, health, humor, and sports.
El País newspaper País is a well-known Uruguayan newspaper. The website covers all kinds of news and information, opinions, sports, services, classifieds, shopping, etc. It is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.
Odile Uruguay Uruguay Tours offers a quality service to visitors during their stay in Uruguay, with dedication and good training to meet the requests made by visitors.
Teledoce is an Uruguayan television station offering a comprehensive range of programs in the areas of politics, economics, society, education, arts, and entertainment, with a schedule of programs, previews, reviews, and guides.
TCC is located in Montevideo, Uruguay, and features entertainment and variety shows, previews and presentations, interviews with celebrities, various entertainment information, entertainment news online, and a search service for various shows, in Spanish.
Public TV TV is a TV station that offers a comprehensive range of programs, including news, social, economic, political, and entertainment programs, with a schedule of programs, previews of content, guides to programs, etc. The website is in Spanish.
VTV is one of the largest and most influential television stations in Uruguay and is well-known in the country, offering previews, schedules, content guides, online programming, etc. The website is in Spanish.
(UY Total)www.uruguaytotal.comUruguayanUruguayTotal (UY Total) is a famous Uruguayan directory website, founded in 1997. UY Total is a local search engine for Uruguayan websites (Uruguayan website navigation) and includes a large number of Uruguayan websites of all types.
Window on Montevideo Uruguayan portal.
Latest News newspaper Ultimas Noticias (Latest News).
Google search engine Uruguay site search engine Uruguay site, web, image, and news search, supports personalized search and local search, offers forum, mailbox, calendar service, and desktop search tools.
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