List of Madagascar news, video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, and other websites (for reference only)

NameWebsite Relationships Introduction
Madagascar Presidency website of the Malagasy Presidency, the language of the website is French. The Republic of Madagascar, abbreviated as Madagascar, is an Indian Ocean island nation off the east coast of Africa, with the capital and seat of government in Antananarivo, the official languages are French and Malagasy, and a semi-presidential system, with the president as head of state and supreme commander of the armed forces and the prime minister as head of government.
Madagascar Magazine Magazine is one of the leading French-language magazines on the island of Madagascar, combining economic, business, cultural, and tourist information. Its website focuses on a combination of pictures and text news, with a focus on economic and cultural news coverage, with more formal, serious content, and a strong focus on the reader’s reading experience.
Ortour Madagascar Madagascar is a very unique travel service company in Madagascar, established in 1996, with a team of experienced and professional travel services
Madagascar Music Music is a website dedicated to traditional Malagasy music. The website details Malagasy folk songs, various traditional instruments, and musical events. It also publishes information on relevant performances and previews of musical events, making it a highly visited local online music website.
Cactus Tours Madagascarhttp://www.cactus-madagascar.comMadagascarCactus Tours Madagascar is a famous travel service company in the country, which mainly provides tourism solicitation, travel reception, air ticket sales, conference organization, hosting exhibitions and displays, hotel reservations, and network technology development business projects. Its services include travel (domestic, outbound, and inbound), visas, airline reservations, hotels, conferences, chartered buses, etc.
Madagascar National Tourism Boardhttp://www.madagascar-tourisme.comMadagascarThis website is the official website of the Madagascar Tourism Board (Madagascar National Tourism Board), which mainly provides Madagascar tourism information, tourist attractions, natural scenery, historical sites, local customs, traditional festivals, food and cuisine, transportation information, accommodation information and other useful tourism information.
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