Aruba Travel Guide (attractions and other introductions)

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1Hiking in ARIC National ParkDo you know that nearly 20% of Aruba is a protected national park? Arikok national park extends from the drought center of the island to its eastern and northern coasts, where it meets the tropical blue coast and steep ocean cliffs.
Inside arikok, you will see cactus and rock murals with hundreds of years of history. Cooling means going to well-ventilated coastal entrances, such as Boca PRINS (pictured), where you can enjoy the sea view in the distance.
Choose to hike along the path and have a look at the bright quartz stone passing through the desert soil, flora, and succulent plants, such as aloe, which are thriving; Then go to the wind turbines in the distance (accounting for 20% of the island’s electricity), and experience the nearby sea cliffs and swimming spots.
2Discover cavesAt the edge of arikok National Park, there are ancient paintings, stalactites, skylights, and (only a few) dark caves full of bats, which will definitely make you feel like a real explorer. Unlike the beaches of Aruba, these caves are rarely occupied by tourists, giving you a unique close-up experience of the natural formation of the island. Guadirikiri cave is very popular because of its two large main caves. The two main caves are connected by the “tunnel of love”, which is illuminated by skylights and dotted with thousand-year-old Arawak Indian cave murals and handprints.
3Explore Saint NicholasMost tourists from Aruba live in the saturated palm beach area of the North Coast Resort, but the opposite side of the island has some of Aruba’s best local beaches and cultural attractions.
The San Nicolas area is the location of the street murals of the color spot street, the local art galleries and handicraft stores, and the baby beach, which is named for its calm and clear bay and is suitable for babies to play.
4Snorkeling and watching wild animalsThe clear and calm waters of Aruba make snorkeling an activity that cannot be missed. In addition, many animals can be seen outside the water. Head to Arashi beach or Boca Catalina to enjoy the pristine waters full of tropical fish. Or, choose one of the many hotels on the island with snorkeling and wildlife reserves.
The Renaissance Aruba resort has its own private island in olanestad (Aruba’s central fund) to complete snorkeling, plus iguanas and vibrant flamingos to rest with you on the beach.
Visitors can feed the Flamingos provided, although pink residents don’t have to walk to you on the soft beach and don’t need food. Colorful iguanas and blue lizards also rest on the beach next door. Regular shuttle service will take you back and forth from the hotel.
5Witness Aruba CarnivalCaribbean destinations such as Aruba celebrate traditional carnivals every year, wearing gorgeous costumes and masks on the streets. From early January to late February, these colorful activities lasted for several weeks in Aruba. Locals and tourists commemorate this tradition with music, food, dance, and a parade, just in time for the spring break season. If you want to experience the island with local people, it is one of the best things in Aruba.
Most Arubans speak the local language of Papiamento, as well as Spanish, Dutch, and English. It’s a pleasure to hear all languages coexist on this happy island. The friendly Arubans warmly welcome visitors.
6Eat locallyThe Dutch Caribbean food industry is a unique place, with both rich European flavors from the Netherlands and spicy Caribbean flavors, such as seasoned seafood and fried plantains. For the latter, zerovers’ seaside picnic table and fried fish basket (as shown in the left figure) are world-famous islands after a long day on the island, which is perfect. Craft Aruba (right) likes local coffee, beer, and fast food best.
For a romantic dinner, William Minna of olanistad offers Dutch cuisine, local seafood, and international cuisine. The Papiamento restaurant in Nord also maintains local and Dutch flavors. It is located in a historic local house with private tables on the indoor and outdoor terraces.
Don’t avoid trying fresh local fish, such as red snapper, Ma fish, and Caribbean lobster.
7Visit the museum to learn about the pirates and Indians of ArubaAruba may be small, but its history can be traced back to alawak Indians, who painted caves in alicook National Park about a thousand years ago. You can learn about the primitive Arubans in Aruba, at the National Archaeological Museum, and watch the 4000-year-old ceramic artifacts, or learn about the Dutch settlers and pirates who landed here at the zutmanberg Historical Museum in the 1700s.
8sailTake a sailing expedition to the Caribbean, where you will enjoy the panorama of the island and have the opportunity to experience various swimming places on the same day. Try Tranquilo tours and take a locally led day cruise on the island, including onboard lunch and off-board swimming.
9Find your favorite beachAruba has more than a dozen idyllic public beaches worth exploring, from the white sand beaches and palm beach of Eagle Beach (pictured) to the cottage Prince Boca “waves” and wariruri’s surfing are worthy of waves.
Both locals and tourists can go to druif beach to relax near the urban area, and the calm waters of the baby beach or water sports in Palm Beach are also worth visiting for some water fans.
10shoppingFrom European cheese and chocolate to local spices and tropical jam, find all your favorite Caribbean and Dutch dishes. These are great souvenirs of Aruba, which can be found in your local grocery store. Although the price of retail shopping in Aruba may be high, especially near the resort, it is worth visiting the shopping area of the colorful Oranjestad.
It is worth mentioning that local handicrafts and goods produced in the Netherlands or the greater Caribbean are cheaper than those in the United States. Look for authentic goods, such as papaya chili sauce and Dutch desserts made in the Caribbean. If you really like it, please be sure to declare cheese and similar food at the customs.
11Palm BeachThere are beautiful white sand beaches stretching for several kilometers, and there are many white thatched cottages on the beach. Not far away are the major hotels, which are very luxurious. There are many exciting projects on the beach, such as motorboats, parachutes, banana boats, and so on. But different from the imagination, Aruba’s sea water is very windy. When the wind blows, the thick sand hits his face very painfully, unlike a place for leisure swimming. But it is more suitable for water sports.
It takes at least 2-3 hours to walk from palmbach to the city center, along the beach, or on the main road, so your feet are better. I walked from palmbach to the city center and walked along the beach while watching the scenery. It took me a day to stop and go. People who don’t want to walk can also rent bicycles.
Tourism is the pillar of Aruba’s national economy, and “Palm Beach” is the most popular resort for tourists. The caves of early Indians over there are also worth visiting!
12Baby BeachThe water here is very shallow, so locals call it the baby beach. It’s suitable for children and dry ducks like me who can’t swim. You won’t see many hotel huts here. What you see will be big tents. You can rent beach chairs, see beautiful women on the beach and enjoy the sun and the beach. All scenic spots are free to visit.
Unlike the pink sand beach of flamingos, here is a pure white sand beach. The sand beach is much larger and there are many fewer people. There are also two beautiful dead trees.
13HooibergIt’s not very far from the city center. It’s only half an hour’s drive away. This island is super small! Halfway up the mountain, there is only a small pavilion that can shade the sun. The wind is very strong, and it is particularly comfortable to sit and blow.
14Arikok National ParkAleck National Park, located in Santa Cruz, South America, is a beautiful natural park. In addition to enjoying the charming natural scenery, tourists can also enjoy the exquisite murals in the spring cave.
15Natural BridgeIt’s a good scenic spot in the local area. If you are close to it, you must visit it and don’t leave any regrets.
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