How to write an article, and what are the techniques for writing articles? Master the following techniques, easy to do for a qualified writer. (part 2)

Common writing techniques include: To express one’s ambition by means of things, Comparison, serving as a foil, Expressing feelings through the scene, symbolizing, pointing at the end of the article, Bedding, compliment after criticism, The head and tail echoes, Hyperbole, satire, appearance description, Language description, Action description, psychological description, These 15 kinds.

6. Point out the topic at the end of the article: Expressing the central meaning of the article in concise Chinese can make readers clear the theme of the article again at the end, which can make people deeply impressed.

7. Bedding: The foreshadowing can also refer to the foil technique in writing, which is the basic description made in advance in order to express the main writing object. Highlight the main characters, things, or events that will happen later and the secondary characters, events, and things that will appear, it is a way of expression to draw out important plots and contents.

8. compliment after criticism: In this way, the plot is changeable, forming waves and ups and downs, creating sharp contrast, which is easy to make readers a sense of enlightenment and leaves a deep impression in the reading process. “praise” and “inhibition” are both means of emphasis in art.

9. The head and tail echoes: The role of tail echo: there is foreshadowing at the front and reference at the back, which can make the content more complete, the structure more compact and resonate. It can make the meaning more profound, the emotion more intense, and the theme more prominent, so as to deepen the reader’s impression and improve the expression effect.

10. Hyperbole:Function: use exaggerated methods to highlight the essence of things, or strengthen the author’s feelings, set off the atmosphere, and arouse the reader’s association.

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