How to write a blog post. What are the types of blog posts? (Part II)

At present, there are about 20 types of articles, which will be listed below, with a brief description of the characteristics of each type.

① Satirical type of articles:

This type of article, as long as the wonderful, ironic funny articles or humorous articles will have great appeal, and will attract a lot of references to your blog. However, it is important to note that sometimes this type of essay can cause some boredom and cause a strong reaction.

② Articles of hypothetical reasoning type:

The main title format of this type of article is: “What will happen if…”. This hypothetical type of article may be very interesting. Select a possible event from the industry you know, and then try to analyze and reason the outcome in detail. For example, the title is “If the global greenhouse effect becomes more and more serious, how bad is our living environment?” and so on. If some reasoning or assumptions come true one day, these articles will get a pretty good ranking in the search engine.

③ Debate articles:

The process of the debate can not only make people think quickly but also let bystanders learn more knowledge. The content can be between people, between authors and readers, or even between bloggers themselves. The choice of the topic of the article should have a strong sense of questioning. Perhaps the simplest way is to ask your readers a question in the form of one or more choices, and then see what they will say. If you want the topic to go smoothly, you need to be willing to share your personal views.

Articles based on critical remarks

Choose topic material appropriately by publishing strongly critical articles about others, products, or events. Although sometimes this type of essay can easily be considered an “offensive essay,” a good and constructive critical essay can still effectively make an impression in the reader’s mind. People are happy to hear different opinions and opinions, and even if they may not agree, as long as your article is insightful, constructive, and courteous, it will still help improve your reputation in the field.

⑤ Summary of the prediction and analysis:

For articles on the subject very rich, such as economic forecasts, long-term forecasts, short-term forecasts, stage not regular forecasts, event development, business income forecast, etc., retrospective articles, each quarter or year, any industry has a periodic summary review, similar articles, the reference value is very good. And predict how it will happen in the coming months. This type of essay usually arouses interesting debate.

⑥ Survey and reference type articles:

Choose topics that interest your readers and investigate what others have said about the topic. After summarizing their views, summarize all the opinions (usually some excerpts from the original text) and link them together through your personal comments to reach a common conclusion. Readers of this type of article are usually very interested, quoting other blog post links, or our own articles are cited by others, is a very good marketing strategy.

⑦ Write more research articles:

There are a lot of careless content articles on the Internet, so persuasive articles, which have been popular, and often cited by other bloggers, research articles can take time, but if you can draw some interesting conclusions, it will be worth it. With your results with the appropriate charts and valuable data, more and more bloggers in the field will cite or link to these articles.

⑧ Enlightening article:

In this kind of article, there is a characteristic, emotional color to be strong, positive, and urge people to progress. Can tell a story of a winner or describe a good vision. Because it can inspire them, not to be afraid of difficulties, not afraid of setbacks, to continue to do their own things or work well, and to spread some successful examples of their own or other people’s experiences.

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