How to write an article, and what are the techniques for writing articles? Master the following techniques, easy to do for a qualified writer. (part 3)

Common writing techniques include: To express one’s ambition by means of things, Comparison, serving as a foil, Expressing feelings through the scene, symbolizing, pointing at the end of the article, Bedding, compliment after criticism, The head and tail echoes, Hyperbole, satire, appearance description, Language description, Action description, psychological description, These 15 kinds.

11. satire: The advantages of writing with sarcasm: exposing, criticizing, and ridiculing people or things by means and methods such as metaphor and exaggeration, strengthening the profundity and criticality, and making the language spicy and humorous.

12. Appearance Description: The characteristics of the present characters can play a foil role in shaping the characters and images. Appearance description refers to the description of the physical features of the characters (including their appearance, clothing, expression, body shape, and posture) to reveal the characters’ ideological character, express the author’s love and hate, and deepen the readers’ impression of the characters.

13. Language Description: It is a descriptive method to express and portray the character through the personalized monologue (talking to oneself) or dialogue (talking with others) of the character. For example, he said sincerely, “Sorry, I hurt you.”

14. Action Description: The role of action description: is to reflect the identity and status of the characters; Reflect the process of the characters’ psychological activities; To express the character characteristics of the characters; Promote the development of the plot; Take care of a paragraph.

15. Psychological description: It refers to the description of the character’s psychological state, mental outlook, and inner activities in a certain environment in the article. The description of the character’s ideological activities can reflect the character’s character and show the character’s inner world. Function: Through the description of the character’s psychology, it can directly penetrate the character’s heart, reveal the character’s inner world, and express the character’s rich and complex thoughts and feelings.

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