How to write an article, and what are the techniques for writing articles? Master the following techniques, easy to do for a qualified writer. (part 1)

Common writing techniques include: To express one’s ambition by means of things, Comparison, serving as a foil, Expressing feelings through the scene, symbolizing, pointing at the end of the article, Bedding, compliment after criticism, The head and tail echoes, Hyperbole, satire, appearance description, Language description, Action description, psychological description, These 15 kinds.

1. To express one’s ambition by means of things: Placing personal ambition and will on a specific thing makes this thing become the sustenance of the hero’s interest and ideal. For example, the unforgettable feather of Forrest Gump.

2. Comparison: Compare two completely opposite things or two opposite aspects of a thing. Contrast is both a writing technique and a rhetorical method. For example, Gorky’s “petrel” uses this method. In the storm, petrels fly proudly and bravely like black lightning; Two sets of stupid penguins hide everywhere. Through comparison, the image of Haiyan is more brilliant and striking than that of sublime and humble, great and insignificant.

3. serving as a foil: Use the secondary things as a foil and highlight the main things, often used together with contrast. There are two forms, positive and negative. For example, the chrysanthemum in “Love Lotus Says” is the positive contrast, and the peony is the negative contrast, highlighting the high and clean quality of the lotus, showing the author’s love for the lotus.

4. Expressing feelings through the scene: It means that the author describes the objective scenery with strong subjective feelings, places his feelings to express his feelings in the scenery, and expresses them by describing the scenery and the object. This lyric way is called borrowing scenery or borrowing things.

5. symbolizing: Borrowing a specific image of things to imply a specific person or reason to express sincere feelings and profound implications. This artistic expression of things is called a symbol. The performance effect of the symbol is: profound implication, can enrich people’s association, is thought-provoking, and make people obtain the feeling of infinite artistic conception; It can give people a concise and vivid sense of reality and express sincere feelings.

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