How to write a blog post. What are the types of blog posts? (Part I)

At present, there are about 20 types of articles, which will be listed below, with a brief description of the characteristics of each type.

① Interview-type articles:

This kind of article should record the content of the conversation. It can record the real conversation content or the conversation object. Through the form of an interview, it can better expand the idea, avoid the disadvantages of its own ideas that can not be expanded, and the content can be very good to attract people’s attention. If you record the interview content in the text, it is better not to use too many questions to make the reader unable to find the key content, and record the most concise questions and answer records, which is a good practice.

② List type articles:

It has the following characteristics: articles such as “ten methods”, “seven reasons”, “ten types” or “20 methods of blog writing” are not only easy to write, but also have good reference value, and can often be reprinted by others.

③ Comment type articles:

The content of the comments is very rich. You can comment on a certain thing, a certain person, a certain book, a certain TV series or a movie, etc., which is quite rich. People also have a very good habit, that is, when buying a product, should refer to online product reviews. In fact, you can find any product or service comments you can imagine, and their comments have different views and perspectives. When we use this method to write articles, we can give objective, impartial and insightful opinions, and can interact with readers. Sometimes readers’ comments will be very active.

④ Article of information type:

This is a common article type that provides information on a topic. The object of writing can be something with a wide range of contents, including people, things, scenery, history, stories, etc., and it can also make more detailed and in-depth explanations for some aspects of the subject.

⑤ Guidance type articles:

Mainly to provide readers with some aspects of skills and methods, to provide reference opinions, belongs to one of the most popular types of articles, the Internet era, a large number of netizens will search for relevant solutions, in the aspect of troubleshooting, this kind of articles can well drive the traffic of the website.

⑥ Articles of comparative types of things:

How to choose is a problem we often encounter in our daily life. When choosing, we always need to compare. We can compare two products or services through articles, or list their advantages and disadvantages. In a sense, they are also comments, but the scope is broader. When people query the difference between certain things in the search engine, this type of article is very eye-catching.

⑦ “Question” type article:

In the world’s major search engines, including Google, the keyword “question” has a high search volume every day. Generally, it is used together with the product name. People are seeking help for a product problem they encounter. Similar to comment-type articles, it is more about the discovered problems of a product or service. Don’t deliberately fake problem feedback for writing this kind of article, but if you do find that there are problems with some products or services, it is also a very good practice to publish the article in the blog.

⑧ Content recommendation, type of article referencing links:

“Citation link” is a good supplement to blog writing, which can provide readers with richer reference content. When adding links, the article may also include a description (explaining why you posted the link), your view on the issue, or an excerpt from the original text. Adding your own opinions can make the article more original and more helpful to readers.

⑨ Introduction of the characters:

The profile articles are quite similar to the case studies, but a description object is mainly a specific person. Select an interesting representative in your field, do some research and show the results to your readers. Point out how he achieved his current achievements and describe his characteristics (others may want to develop in this area to achieve success).

⑩ Case analysis articles:

Lead the reader back to an instance. Through objective analysis, we should have a substantive interpretation of the case list. This kind of article is very useful for readers, because they describe real scenes, and usually are accompanied by practical suggestions.

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