Global news media website ranking list top 15 (for reference only)

NameWebsiteIntroduction Group-edited weblog about technology start-ups, particularly the Web 2.0 sector. Award-winning site about web technology and culture. Complete guide to PCs, peripherals, and upgrades. Labs-based reviews of computer- and Internet-related products and services, technology news and trends, shopping advice, and price comparisons. Technology news, reviews, buyer’s guides, and videos. News and feature articles from the magazine. The PC enthusiast’s resource. It is news, reviews, and analysis. The online edition of the magazine with news, reviews, best buys and tricks, and tips. Source for technology related news with a heavy slant toward Linux and Open Source issues. Reviews of mobile products, interviews with industry leaders, and coverage of the latest technologies. News and product coverage for information technology managers. Offers news, views, opinions, and reviews on what’s latest in the IT industry. Based in the UK. Deep technology content. Tutorials, discussion, and analysis of core and emerging computing technology. From Ziff Davis Media. A computer and technology business news site. Information for executives responsible for the strategic application of information technology. Technology news postings with discussion. Covers hardware, software, and gaming.
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