Top 15 list of global HCI-related websites (for reference only)

NameWebsiteIntroduction An online usability testing tool that allows getting videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they use websites, mobile apps, and prototypes. Consulting agency offering to enhance the user experience. Includes news, events, and publications. Located in California, USA. A consultancy that provides usability testing and research services for E-Commerce. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Fast and simple remote usability testing. Collect visual feedback on any website, mockup, sketch, or image. Usabilla can be used in any stage of the design process to involve users. Consulting firm offering Web optimization services and information. Located in Michigan, USA. Web-based communications company. Offers online publications related to Internet use, reference, development, and understanding. Includes Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine archives and resources. Usability and user experience consultancy that focuses on measurable results from usability tests. Based in Denver, Colorado. Specializes in the visual, interface, and interaction design of web-based applications and identities. Located in Illinois, USA. Provides usability consulting, research, training, and conferences. Located in Massachusetts, United States. Offers a range of goal-directed services that can be used to create and improve interactive solutions from California, USA. Designs software and websites, provides market analysis and training and works with rich media and wireless technologies. Located in Massachusetts, USA. Online remote usability testing service. An online tool that allows users to create, run and analyze their own usability tests. Brings together people working on computers for human use, and fosters communication in the field of human-computer interaction. Study how people design, implement and use interactive computer systems, and how computers affect individuals, organizations, and society. The United States.
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