The top 15 list of various websites in South America (for reference only)

Name Website Introduction Flight schedules, online ticket purchase, specials, destinations, and frequent flyer program information. Daily flights from Europe to Latin America. Official site provides news and information about government structure, events, programs and projects, tourism, economy and business. [English, Portuguese, Spanish] Trading data, securities information, publications about the São Paulo Stock Exchange. Searchable scientific Chilean publications database, featuring full articles in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Dedicated to support local universities by investing in research and training programs. Provides the history of the institution, list of board members, news, and projects. International public health organization with myriad resources and information on health in the Americas. Serves as a regional office of WHO. RNP is a Primary Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology(MCT) executed by the National Counsel of Scientific and Technological Development(CNPq) with a basic and pioneering mission to disseminate the use of the Internet in Brazil. IDB was established in 1959 to help accelerate economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Government agency with the purpose of protecting the health of the population by exercising sanitary control over production and marketing of products and services subject to sanitary surveillance. Intergovernmental, European organisation for astronomical research, operates many observatories in Chile. Here you will find full scope information about every project, news, technologies and observations. Tourist guide. University that focuses on the fields of Business, Economics, Finance, Engineering and related disciplines. Includes general overview, international admissions, schools, and campus information. Located in Cali. It is a self-governed body of the National Government, regulated by its Charter and by the Financial Institutions Act. Its primary and fundamental mission is to preserve the value of the Argentine currency. History, economic statistics, inflation and exchange rate reports, banking operations and regulations, and the gold museum.
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