Enjoy the world-famous poet-Xin Qiji’s “West River Moon: Traveling on Yellow Sand Rover at Nighttime“English translation version

West River Moon: Traveling on Yellow Sand Rover at Nighttime (Xin Qiji)

Bright moonlight wakes perched magpies.
Deep into night, breeze brings cicadas’ chirping.
Miles of paddy scent tell of a bumper crop year.
Take it from a mix of frogs’ croaking.
Seven to eight stars are faraway in sky.
Drizzle sprinkles in front of mountain.
Long ago, a straw inn sat beside temple’s woods.
It pops up after road’s bend at creek and bridge.

translated text
The bright moon in the sky rose to the treetops,

Starked away the magpies living on the branches.

The cool evening wind seems to blow to the distant cicadas cry.

In the aroma of the rice, People talk about the good harvest year,

I heard the cries of frogs, As if to talk about the bumper harvest year.

Light clouds are floating in the sky, The twinkling stars fade and appear,

A falling light rain fell in front of the mountain,

I hurried across the small bridge to take shelter from the rain.

In the past, where was the hut shop near the woods near the Land Temple?

Turning a corner, the thatched shop suddenly appeared in front of him.

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