Selection of fruits – > some fruits are beyond the purchasing power of ordinary people – > (top 8 of the most expensive fruits)

1Black watermelonThe price of black skin watermelon is $121. It is produced in Japan and sold in the flagship store of chipitoya in Tokyo. This dark-skinned, smooth watermelon is said to have a special sweet taste. It only grows in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, with an annual output of only 100. The most expensive one weighed 17 pounds and sold for $6100 in 2008.
2Sekai Ichi appleSekai Ichi apple price: 21 US dollars, produced in Japan, Sekai Ichi almost means “No. 1 in the world”. (it is indeed the most expensive in the world!) Wash with honey and pack by hand to avoid damaging the freshness. Artificial pollination with small sticks (this is rare in Japan’s rich fruit culture). “The apples are watered with honey, angel urine, and tears of local tyrants”.
3Xizhang King melonXichang King melon price: 225 dollars/pair, produced in Japan. This price is only fair. A pair of Xizhang King melons once sold for 23500 US dollars, the most expensive fruit in the world). It is also a masterpiece of Hokkaido. This hybrid (cross-product) has excellent taste due to its appropriate sweet proportion. Grow in the greenhouse, to prevent sunburn, but also “wear a hat.”.
4English pineappleBritish pineapple price: 1600 US dollars, produced in Cornwall, UK. Heireagan lost garden was cultivated with straw, organic fertilizer (animal Baba), and horse urine, which took two years. Don’t panic. These pineapples don’t have to come into direct contact with animal feces. Using this “Victorian technology”, these pineapples can flourish in the cold weather of Britain. Due to their time-consuming and labor-consuming, these pineapples did not appear in the market, but were given to the gardeners who worked hard to cultivate them, “thank them for their hard-working hands”.
5Strawberry ArnoldStrawberry Arnold price: 1.4 million U.S. dollars, produced in New Orleans A bowl of strawberries with a 4.7-carat pink diamond sells for $1.4 million, which is the price at Arnold’s Restaurant (96 years old) in New Orleans. But the $1.4 million won’t just be diamonds and strawberries. You can also hear a jazz performance.
6Roman grapeRuby Roman grape price: 6400 USD / bunch, produced in Japan. The world’s most expensive grapes were sold at the 2011 auction in Kanazawa, Japan. Each grape is the size of a table tennis ball. Since there are 25 grapes in that string, the price of each grape is 226 US dollars. The sugar content and weight of each grape sold should be about 18% and 20 grams respectively.
7Cam top orangePrice of convex top orange: Buying six will cost $79, produced in Japan. The orange-orange hybrid is said to
be the best orange in the world. Looks like orange but has raised top, larger and sweeter. In 2011, it first entered California
and received the name “Sumo” (sumo). The Los Angeles Daily described the seedless fruit: “One bite is hard, but it will quickly melt in your mouth.”
8Northern Territory MangoMango price in Northern Territory: USD 50000 / plate, produced in Sydney. In 2012, a plate of 12 Northern Territory mangoes sold for $50000 at an auction in Sydney. The money was donated to the Australian prostate
cancer foundation, the New South Wales Cancer Council in Sydney, and oz harvest, a charity. Australia has a large mango production (7.2 million sets in 2013 and 2014), so such a high price is a good deed.
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