Ranking list of world peaks (ranking by height standard, top ten)

1Mount QomolangmaZhufeng Road, Dingri County, Shigatse City, Tibet Autonomous RegionEverest is located on the border between the people’s Republic of China and Nepal. It is 86.9 ° east longitude and 27.9 ° north latitude. It is an approximately East-West arc-shaped mountain system with an altitude of 8848.86 meters. Its north slope is in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau of China, its south slope is in Nepal, and its peak is in China.
2Chogory peakKashgar Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region“Chogori” is usually considered to be Tajik, meaning “tall and majestic”. Qiaogori peak is the main peak of the Karakoram mountains, also known as the K2 peak, with an altitude of 8611 meters. “K” refers to the Karakoram mountains, and “2” means that it was the second investigated peak of the Karakoram mountains at that time. Qiaogori peak mainly has 6 ridges. The northwest-southeast ridge is the main ridge line of the Karakoram Mountain vein and is also the boundary line of China and Pakistan. There are also North Ridge, west ridge, and northwest ridge.
3KangchenjungachinaQiaogori peak, also known as K2, is 8611 meters above sea level. “K” refers to Karakoram mountain, and “2” refers to the second peak of the Karakoram mountain range under investigation at that time. Qiaogori peak mainly has 6 ridges, and the northwest-southeast ridge is the main ridge line of the Karakoram Mountain vein. It is also the border between China and Pakistan.
4LhotseQudang Township, Dingri County, Shigatse City, Tibet Autonomous RegionLuozi peak, whose English name is Lhotse, is 8516 meters above sea level. It is located at 27 ° 57’42 “n and 86 ° 56’00” e. it belongs to the Himalayas and is the fourth highest peak in the world. Luozi peak means “the peak in the South” in Tibetan, because it is located 3 kilometers south of Mount Qomolangma, and there is a depression between them, which is commonly referred to as the “South depression”. Zhangzi peak lies to the north of Mount Qomolangma.
5Makalu peakXigaze City, Tibet Autonomous RegionMakalu peak, 8463 meters above sea level, is located in the middle of the Himalayas. It is 87 ° 06 ‘east longitude and 27 ° 54’ north latitude. It is the fifth highest peak in the world. Makalu, which means “black giant peak” in Tibetan, describes its black rocks exposed under strong winds. It is 24 kilometers away from Mount Qomolangma in the northwest, bounded by the northwest-southeast ridge, with Tibet in China in the north and Nepal in the south. The peak is covered with thick ice and snow all year round. There are huge glaciers on the slopes and valleys. There are many huge ice cracks like abysses on the glaciers. Ice avalanches and avalanches are very frequent. In 1955, nine members of the French mountaineering team reached the summit for the first time.
6Zhuo aoyoufengXigaze City, Tibet Autonomous RegionZhuoyou peak, 8201m above sea level, is the sixth highest peak in the world. It is located on the Sino-Nepal border at 86 ° 39 ′ 43 ″ east longitude and 28 ° 07 ′ 37 ″ north latitude. It is bounded by the Northeast southwest ridge, with Tibet in China in the north and Nepal in the South. “Zhuo’oyou” means “great respect for teachers” in Tibetan. The mountains are majestic and stand majestically in the middle of the Himalayas, about 30 kilometers east of Mount Everest. Zhuoyou peak has five main ridges. The peak is covered with snow all the year-round. It is surrounded by snow peaks. It is very spectacular.
7Dorajiri peakNepalDhaulagiri (also referred to as daolajili peak), namely daolajili I peak (I peak generally means that this peak is the highest peak of the peak group), belongs to the Himalayas, is located in Nepal, is located at 83 ° 29’36 “east longitude and 28 ° 41’49” north latitude, with an altitude of 8167m (there are also measurement data of 8172m altitude), and is the seventh-highest peak in the world. Mount dorajiri is about 300 kilometers east of Mount Qomolangma.
8Manaslu peakNepalManaslu peak is 8163m above sea level (there are also survey data of 8156m above sea level). Its coordinates are (28 ° 33 ′ 01 ″ north latitude and 84 ° 33 ′ 34 ″ east longitude) the eighth highest peak in the world, also known as Manaslu I peak. It belongs to the Himalayas and is 64km away from the Annapurna peak in the West. It is located in Nepal.
9Nanga Parbat peakGilgit Baltistan region, PakistanNanga Parbat (Urdu: ننگا پربت, Hindi:), 8125 meters altitude (another 8126 meters altitude measured data), is the ninth highest peak in the world. Nanga Parbat Peak has five peaks, except for the main peak, which is 8125 meters above sea level, the north Shoulder peak is 8070 meters, and the South Shoulder peak is 8042 meters above sea level. Nanga Parbat Peak is in the Himalayas and is located in the westernmost part of the Himalayas, located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan.
10Annapurna peakNepal in the middle of the HimalayasAnnapurna peak, translated as Annapurna peak, the main peak is also called Kuang peak. The peak is located in the kingdom of Nepal in the Himalayas, with east longitude of 83 ° 49 ′ 20 ″ and a north latitude of 28 ° 35 ′ 43 ″. With an altitude of 8091 meters, it is the tenth highest peak in the world. On June 3, 1950, M. herzo and L. rashnar of the French mountaineering team reached the summit for the first time. This is also the first time that human beings have reached the summit of a peak above 8000 meters in Shanghai. Annapurana has the meaning of food supplier or harvest God in the local language, so annapura peak is also called Big Grain Valley.

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