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1GuanajuatoKnown as the city of colors, it is located in Guanajuato, a small city in northwest Mexico. In Mexico, buildings in many places are built with bright colors, but no city has the ultimate color like Guanajuato.
In the small town of Guanajuato, there is a kissing Lane more romantic than in Paris. Even the air is “hormones”, which has become a must for lovers all over the world.
According to legend, as long as couples are in the kissing lane, they will live a happy and complete life in the next 15 years.
2Pink Lake
Las Coloradas
Since 2016, Las Coloradas Pink Lake in Mexico has been popular on ins and Weibo, which makes people curious and yearning at the same time. Moreover, Pink Lake is only a more than 3-hour drive from Cancun, and one day is enough to go back and forth.
Whether it’s the Pink Beach in the Bahamas or the Hillier lake and Huth lagoon in Western Australia. Whenever pink is mentioned, a group of “uncles and aunts” with girlish hearts can always be exploded. Don’t be too dreamy!
Flamingos can be seen not far from the pink lake. From August to March of the next year, American flamingos take off and land together, eat together, chat together, or tuck their heads into their wings and go to sleep upright on one leg.
4Death DayThe biggest parades during the festival of the dead are in Mexico City, Cancun, and Merida. Dressing up and painting is the first step for you to experience the festival of the dead. After wearing your favorite skull costume, the local people will paint your face. Then you can “fool around”!
The festival of the dead is a little similar to Tomb Sweeping Day in our country. They all pay tribute to the dead. The only and biggest difference is that we pay tribute with a heavy heart, while Mexico holds celebrations to celebrate the reunion with dead relatives.
5Mexico CityThe National Palace is located on the entire east side of Constitution Square in the center of Mexico City and is the seat of the federal administration of Mexico. The National Palace is more than 200 meters long, with a red facade. Since the Aztec empire, this site has been the palace of the Mexican rulers. At present, most of the building materials are from the original palace of Montezuma II. There are three doors in the National Palace. The Dolores bell is hung above the entrance of the main door. Above the bell is a balcony. Every year on Mexico’s independence day, the president of Mexico will take the lead in shouting “long live Mexico”. The interior of the National Palace is a Spanish courtyard, and the corridor is also in Spanish style. The walls of the corridor are inlaid with murals showing the local lifestyle of Mexico before the Spanish occupation. Among them, the most interesting is the feather snake god created by Diego Rivera, one of the three outstanding Mexican paintings, between 1929 and 1935. The bronze fountain in the middle of the courtyard of the National Palace, with a bronze horse with wings standing above the fountain.
The center of Mexico City is a wide Constitution Square, which is the center of Mexican politics, culture, and religion. Many traditional clothing vendors dressed in Indian national costumes and Indian folk artists dressed in colorful costumes are the unique scenery on the square.
Mexico City is the capital of Mexico, located in the south-central part of Mexico. It is one of the largest and most crowded cities in the world. Mexico City is very large, with many historic sites and very modern; And it is very close to the surrounding famous scenic spots, so it is very convenient to travel.
6Yucatan Peninsula Forest Hotel Azulik tulumIf you think that only Bali has a thatched cottage Hotel, you are wrong! Azulik Azuric resort in touloum, Mexico, is an equally fantastic hotel Forest Department Private Hotel, Each spacious tree house is built with khatalosh of Mexico Yellowstone ebony, with floor-to-ceiling windows surrounded on all sides. Even if you lie down, you can enjoy the baptism of the sun, whether you want to take a bath in a mosaic bathtub or in a kin tho hammock restaurant
Don’t be too fairy tale for a full meal~
7Prehispanic Town of UxmalUmar Maya ruins. In the center of the ruins stands the 38-meter-high “Wizard pyramid”. It is said that the witch hatched a little man with eggs by magic, and the little man built this pyramid overnight, hence the name “Wizard pyramid”.
The stairs on the west side of the tower are aligned with the setting sun on the summer solstice every year. In addition, on the 15-meter-high mound, there is a magnificent “governor’s Mansion” with a length of 100 meters, a height of 8 meters, and a width of 12 meters, which is known as a very outstanding architectural masterpiece in ancient America. Remember to look at the mosaic decoration on the outer wall here.
8Chichén ItzáLocated in the Middle East of Yucatan, Mexico, Chichen Itza is 3 kilometers long from north to south and 2 kilometers wide from east to west. It has hundreds of buildings. It is the site of ancient Mayan cities and the site of ancient Mayan culture and Toltec culture. “Qiqin” means “wellhead”, and natural wells are the basis for building the city. The existing highway divides it into two parts. The south side of the old Qiqin Itza was built in the 7th-10th century A.D., with Mayan cultural characteristics. There are pyramidal temples, pillar halls, stadiums, markets, and Astronomical Observatories, mainly decorated with stone carvings; On the north side, Xinqi qinyicha is a gray building with the characteristics of Toltec culture. There are kukulkan pyramids, warrior temples, etc., mainly with simple line decoration and feather snake god plaster carving.
Qiqin Itza is the site of ancient Mayan civilization and Toltec culture. It’s a two and a half hours drive from Cancun.
To Qiqin Itza, you must see the feather snake pyramid, which is one of the new seven wonders of the world and a wonderful display of the Mayan astronomical wisdom.
Surrounded by 91 steps, a total of 364 steps, plus the feather snake temple on the top of the tower, there are 365 steps, symbolizing 365 days. Every spring and autumn equinox, you can see the light and shadow pattern of the feather snake god on both sides of the pyramid steps.
9Isla De Las MuñecasLocated not far from Mexico City, doll Island, also known as doll Island, is covered with more than 1000 dolls of all kinds. Some of these dolls are still complete and some are incomplete. These dolls make the island mysterious and strange. Traveling by boat satisfies curiosity without fear.
10Cenote Sagrado sinkhole“Holy Well” is an essential mysterious tourist attraction for a trip to Mexico. Cancun faces the Caribbean Sea, and there are three sinkholes nearby, among which are located in Chichen Itza Tiankeng one of the top ten famous Holy Well in the world and one of the 36 secret areas in the world.
11cave diving CeonteIn addition to the Tiankeng snorkeling just mentioned, of course, there is deep underwater cave diving. The light beam illuminates the seabed behind, and the wild lilies swaying in the water are more gentle and moving in the sun.
12CancunCancun is located in the northern part of the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by the sea on three sides, with beautiful scenery. It is a famous international tourist city in Mexico, with one of the world’s recognized top ten beaches. At the northeast end of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, it used to be a narrow island 21 kilometers long and only 400 meters wide near the mainland in the Caribbean Sea. The whole island is in the shape of a snake. There are bridges at the northwest and southwest ends connected with the Yucatan Peninsula, and it is far away from Cuba island across the Yucatan Strait.
13Cozumel IslandCozumel island is a Caribbean island, belonging to the Quintana Roo region of Mexico, with an area of 489 square kilometers (189 square miles) and about 16 kilometers (10 miles) away from the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The geological structure is similar to the Yucatan Peninsula, with hills and plains in the middle and sandy beaches around. It is rich in ebony, fruit, sisal, corn, and cassava. The island has towns such as San Miguel de Cozumel, Cedral, and Colombia. It is now one of the ideal tourist attractions in Mexico. The beach here is excellent and famous for providing diving and yachting services to tourists. Diving here, you can feel the process of the Gulf of Mexico current flowing into the Caribbean Sea. The sea is calm in spring and summer, suitable for diving and rainy in autumn and winter. Tourism revenue is the main economic source.
14Bayarta portBayalta port is a tourist city on the Pacific coast of Jalisco, Mexico. Bayarta port is an ideal resort, with various hotels and facilities including a children’s play pool, game room, and children’s club. The surrounding area of bayarta port can be used for travel and exploration. Tourists can enjoy sculptures and sunsets on the seaside promenade, participate in beach volleyball or swim with dolphins, or choose a cinema to watch movies. Couples can have dinner in the “romantic area” and visit the gallery on the art trail. In the historic area of the old city, you can shop and watch street performances.
15Mexico National Museum of AnthropologyThe National Museum of Anthropology of Mexico is a specialized museum of anthropology. The collections and exhibitions in the museum are mainly the remains of Indian civilization. Located in Chapultepec Park in Mexico City.
It covers an area of 125000 square meters and a construction area of 44000 square meters. It was completed and opened in September 1964. Its predecessor was the antiquities Committee of the University of Mexico in 1808. At the gate of the museum, there is a “Rain God” carved from a whole block of stone, which is 8.5 meters high and weighs 168 tons. There is also a totem bronze column in the hospital. On the column is a huge mushroom top, which stores water and sprays it around, like a “rain spring”, implying that ancient Mexicans longed for water and the role of water in promoting Mexican culture.
16The Pyramid of the sunLocated on the east side of the middle section of the “road of the dead”, and also between the pyramid of the moon and the small pyramid called “the Ciudadela”, near the Cerro Gordo mountain, it is also part of the huge complex at the core of the Teotihuacan ruins.
With a height of 63 meters, it is the largest building in the Teotihuacan ruins in Mexico and one of the largest buildings in Central America.
17TulumTulum, located in the northeast of Yucatan Peninsula, about 130 kilometers away from Cancun, a famous resort, is located on the edge of the cliffs along the Caribbean coast. It is an essential site of the late Mayan culture.
It was once a religious city at the end of Mayan culture in the 14th century.
Now the ruins are well preserved, including more than 60 stone buildings. It is famous for the great temple of Castillo, which stands above the 12-meter cliff.
The area of the ancient city is not small. It is said that it was inhabited 1200 years ago, surrounded by a 5-meter-high wall with a thickness of 6 meters, and some of it has collapsed. Tulum is one of the well-preserved Maya sites, attracting countless tourism enthusiasts.
18PalenqueLocated in the southeast coastal plain of the country and in the north of Chiapas, it is a famous historical and cultural city in Mexico, the ruins of ancient Mayan cities, and a specific site of Mayan civilization.
The history of the ancient city can be traced back to the 1st century BC. The peak period of urban development was between 600 and 700 ad.
most of the ancient buildings preserved so far were built during this period, known as “Athens of the Americas”. The ancient city, Palenque National Park, which covers an area of 1772 hectares, has been listed in the world cultural and natural heritage protection list, by the United Nations Educational, scientific, and cultural organization.
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