Li Ziqi’s recent situation and whereabouts

Recently, Li Ziqi’s assistant released a dynamic saying: Li Ziqi has gone to Ganzi. In the dynamic there are photos of Li Ziqi’s life From the photos.

it can be seen that at present, Li Ziqi’s life is still relatively formal, orderly in the work, in fact, she is not idle. Friends have been thinking about her all the time. Li Ziqi himself commented on Weibo Li: “Build beautiful villages in a down-to-earth manner, share a better life, and let everyone in the village have a greater sense of gain, happiness and security.”

” The last time Assistant Li Ziqi posted about Li Ziqi himself was a comment about the statement: Happy May Day! Be happy!

This statement is about requiring relevant parties to delete relevant content, stop infringement, the latest dynamic editors will update as quickly as possible, thank you for your attention, I hope that Li Ziqi will come back as soon as possible and return to the public’s vision.

Author: listenerxu
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