List of New Zealand news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name Website Relationships Introduction
PAPERSPASThttp://paperspast.natlib.govt.nzNew Zealand PAPERS PAST is a website where you can look up New Zealand newspapers and periodicals.
Journey New Zealand Travel Agency Zealand Established in 1999, Experience New Zealand Journey Travel is an excellent inbound travel agency in New Zealand, aiming to provide visitors with the best quality travel services and products in New Zealand
New Zealand Television Zealand TV New Zealand is a New Zealand government television station broadcasting to New Zealand and the Pacific region including the Cook Islands, Fiji, and the Solomon Islands.
Cuisine Zealand The cuisine is New Zealand’s food magazine, which spreads the latest food news to its readers by featuring food, wine, and restaurants, as well as using the travel section to recommend various types of food in travel destinations.
Shine TV Zealand Shine TV is located in Auckland, New Zealand, and features entertainment, music, and arts programs. It provides program schedules, previews, online highlights, music promotions, celebrity interviews, and more in English.
Cue TV Zealand Cue TV is one of the more influential television stations in New Zealand, even through various online information, updated program schedules, previews of program content, exciting online videos, etc. The website language is English.
The Education Newspaper Zealand The Education Newspaper is New Zealand’s leading education newspaper and not only that, but it is also an educational program for young people. The Education Gazette is dedicated to helping teachers teach students to read and write through newspapers in the classroom so that they can develop good reading habits and thinking skills simultaneously.
New Zealand Comedy Channel Zealand The New Zealand Comedy Channel is located in Auckland, New Zealand, and is known for broadcasting various comedy programs in New Zealand. It has been enjoying high ratings, providing program schedules, previews of program content, online videos, etc. The website language is English.
New Zealand Government Official Websitehttp://www.govt.nzNew Zealand The official website of the New Zealand Government ( is a guide to accessing New Zealand government services. Users can use the website to find information on immigration, visas, passports, work, education, transport, health care, and all other aspects of policy.
Television New Zealand (TVNZ) Zealand Television New Zealand (TVNZ) is a state-owned television network in New Zealand, with channels such as TV1 and TV2, mainly broadcasting news, film and television, science and education, sports, and other types of programs, the network covers the whole country and has a high viewership in New Zealand.
South Waikato News Zealand South Waikato News (South Waikato News) New Zealand’s leading local daily newspaper south of Waikato, was launched in 1952.
The Dominion Post Zealand The Dominion Post, New Zealand’s second most significant English language newspaper, is a merger of The Dominion Post, founded in 1907, and The Evening Post, founded in 1865, based in the capital Wellington and distributed mainly in the North Island region. The newspaper has won several Newspaper of the Year awards.
NZPages Zealand NZPages is New Zealand’s authoritative website navigation site, featuring tens of thousands of New Zealand domestic websites in many categories including business, computers, education, entertainment, government, health, media, technology, tourism, and more. It also provides convenient services such as New Zealand lottery results and the latest New Zealand news.
Yahoo! New Zealand Zealand Yahoo! New Zealand is the New Zealand branch of portal giant Yahoo! It provides comprehensive web services such as news, search engine, email, instant messaging, sports, finance, shopping, games, video, cars, travel, weather, pictures, and videos.
The New Zealand Herald Zealand The New Zealand Herald is New Zealand’s largest daily folio newspaper with a daily circulation of over 200,000. It was founded in 1863 and has been published for over 100 years.
MSN New Zealand Zealand MSN New Zealand is New Zealand’s largest and most influential web portal in the English language. The site mainly provides users with email, chat, and dating
Sky TV (Sky TV) Zealand Sky TV (Sky TV) is a professional media in New Zealand, focusing on literature, entertainment, and variety shows. It mainly provides previews of program content, online reviews of exciting programs, program schedules, interviews with entertainment stars, and all kinds of latest entertainment information.
Otago Daily Timeshtttp:// Zealand Otago Daily Times (New Zealand).
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