Hong Kong video sites learning video TV as well as radio sites list) (for reference only)

Yahoo Hong Kong-entertainmenthttps://hk.celebrity.yahoo.comHong KongYahoo Hong Kong showbiz channel, music, movies, TV, entertainment news, and artists.
TVB-entertainment newshttp://www.tvb.comHong KongProvide the latest entertainment news to keep you abreast of the local and foreign entertainment hot topics.
Golden Harvest Cinemashttp://www.goldenharvest.comHong KongOrange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment (Holdings) Limited is one of the world’s most influential Chinese language film entertainment groups, combining film production, financing, distribution, and theatrical operations, currently operating 105 cinemas with 766 screens in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore, and is one of the leading film distributors in the region.
South China Media Information Networkhttp://www.scmedia.com.hkHong KongProvide the latest titles of its publications and provide an online subscription service.
Dagong.com – Entertainmenthttp://ent.takungpao.comHong KongPublish the entertainment news in Ta Kung Pao.
Hong Kong Wen Wei Po – Entertainmenthttp://paper.wenweipo.com/011EN/Hong KongPublish the entertainment news in Hong Kong Wen Wei Po.
UA Cinemahttp://www.uacinemas.com.hkHong KongProvide movie information, show time, latest news, and event preview.
Hong Kong International Film Festival Societyhttp://www.hkiff.org.hk/Hong KongThe webpage of the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society.
My-Magazinehttp://www.my-magazine.meHong KongMy-magazine. I is the comprehensive current affairs and entertainment information website of Sing Tao Magazine Group launched on July 4, 2011. Through My magazine website, readers can enjoy the latest content, videos, shopping and authoritative offers, and more. By registering as a member of My magazine, you can also access the above-mentioned Sing Tao Miscellaneous Group websites and enjoy a wide range of membership services and endless membership benefits!
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Hong Kong Film Awards Official Websitehttp://www.hkfaa.comHong KongThe Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA) is one of the most important awards in the Hong Kong and Greater China film industry and is known as the highest achievement of Chinese film with the Golden Horse Awards of Taiwan and the Golden Rooster Awards of Chinese films.
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Artshttp://www.hkapa.eduHong KongThe Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts) was established by the Hong Kong Government in 1984, dedicated to the training of performing arts talents, and is the only academy in Hong Kong dedicated to the training of performing arts talents. The Academy’s teaching building is located in Wanchai, Hong Kong Island, adjacent to the Wanchai Arts Centre.
Broadway Cinemashttp://www.cinema.com.hkHong KongBroadway Theatre opened in 1950 and was rebuilt in 1987 at its current location in Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mongkok, and subsequently developed into Broadway Cinemas, which is now the largest cinema in Hong Kong. In August 1999, Broadway Cinemas set up an official website to provide online ticketing services and a movie discussion platforms.
KSD Korean Star Networkhttp://www.koreastardaily.comHong KongKoreaStarDaily is a Chinese website specializing in reporting Korean entertainment information, including; KPOP, MV, stars, Korean dramas, movies, etc.
\Stunning Comics Websitehttp://comic.sinchew-i.com/Hong KongHong Kong comic websites.
Anime Base Forumhttp://animebase.servebbs.netHong KongEverything about the discussion and sharing of anime and manga is at AnimeBase.
Tinderhttp://www.matchman.com.hkHong KongHong Kong online animation website, providing moving cartoon appreciation and tablecloth download.
COMICSWORLDhttp://www.comicsworld.com/Hong KongCOMICSWORLD
Hong Kong TVBhttp://www.tvb.comHong Kongtvb.com is the official website of Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited. Continuing TVB’s decades of strength in the television broadcasting business, tvb.com pioneers interactive online TV, drama series revisited, 24-hour live news, all-inclusive artist information, weblog (Blog), discussion forum, etc., providing the latest and hottest entertainment information to life encyclopedia.
ATV Asia TVhttp://www.hkatv.com/Hong KongEstablished on May 29, 1957, ATV Asia is not only the first television station in Hong Kong, but also the first Chinese-language television station in the world, reaching nearly 100 million viewers in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong, and North America, and is not only the mainstream media in Hong Kong but also an influential television station in Asia.
Phoenix Satellite Televisionhttp://phtv.ifeng.comHong KongFor you to lock Phoenix TV around the clock, and the global Chinese share online Phoenix; track Phoenix people on stage and behind the scenes, reveal the sweet and sour behind the program; build a high-end bridge to understand the dynamics of Phoenix; upload the netizen sight Phoenix, to netizen preferences around the TV. Phoenix TV channel, to understand Phoenix, is always a little closer than others.
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Hong Kong Cable TVhttp://www.i-cable.comHong KongHong Kong Cable TV (CABLE TV). Cable TV website provides news, finance, information, entertainment, and sports programs, updated 24 hours a day, any viewers can instantly and free to browse the latest videos…
Hong Kong Radiohttp://rthk.org.hkHong KongRadio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) is a public radio station operated by the Hong Kong Government, referred to as RTHK. Listen to radio programs online, including five-minute news reports updated hourly, English news reports three times a day and Chinese songs and concerts of the Hong Kong years.
Hong Kong Interactive TVhttp://www.tictv.com/chi/index.phpHong KongHong Kong interactive TV, watch programs online.
Hong Kong Commercial Radiohttp://www.881903.comHong KongHong Kong commercial radio website, providing live online radio programs, real-time news, and financial news, etc.
New City Broadcasting Limitedhttp://www.metroradio.com.hk/Hong KongHong Kong Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited (Metro Broadcast), including Metro Finance Channel and News & Entertainment Channel.
Dongfeng TVhttp://www.aziotv.tv/Hong KongProvide multiple instant entertainment information.
American Asia Television MATVhttp://www.matv.com.hk/Hong KongAmerican Asia Television MATV sitting on the parent company American Asia Entertainment Group’s strong film library and resources total investment of hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars, to open a number of channels, mainly broadcast movies pay TV. Provide broadcast schedules, movie previews, and advertising business information.
Hong Kong Broadband – Digital TVhttp://www.hkbn.net/digitaltv/Hong KongProvide digital TV service, channel tour, latest offer, service plan, program schedule, etc.
Animax Hong Konghttp://www.animax-hk.com/Hong KongJapanese animation program channel, broadcast on pay TV system. Provides program schedule, movie recommendations, subscription details, and corporate information.
Educational Television ETVhttp://etv.emb.gov.hkHong KongIntroduces a series of educational programs produced by the government at pre-primary, primary, and secondary levels. Provides broadcasting schedule and teaching resources.
Jade Channelhttp://programme.tvb.com/jade/Hong KongJade (English: Jade), the flagship channel of Hong Kong TVB, officially launched on November 19, 1967, is one of the earlier Chinese TV channels in the world and is also the highest-rated TV channel in Hong Kong. The channel mainly broadcasts in Cantonese and its programs include news, dramas, variety shows, animations and commentaries, and other diversified programs. As one of the major Chinese TV channels in Hong Kong, TVB Jade has been broadcasting many TV programs that have influenced Hong Kong’s pop culture since its inception.
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