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1appleApples are rich in fiber, which can supplement the human body with enough fiber, reduce the incidence rate of heart disease, and lose weight. It is necessary to lose weight. I go on a diet one day a week. On this day, I only eat apples, which is known as “apple day”.
Methods of eating apples (disease prevention and health): fat people eat sweet apples, diabetes eat sour apples, relieve constipation and eat cooked apples, cure diarrhea and eat raw apples. Apple is rich in nutrition and can keep fit, prevent diseases and cure diseases. The experiment proved that diabetes patients should eat sour apples; The prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and obesity should choose sweet apples; When treating constipation, you can eat ripe apples; Eating fresh apples before bedtime can eliminate bacteria in the mouth and improve kidney function; The juice made from raw apples can prevent cough and hoarseness; Apple puree is a good prescription for indigestion in children and the elderly.
2apricotRich in β Carotene can help people take vitamin A.
3bananaThe content of potassium is very high, which is good for human heart and muscle function.
4blackberryThe same weight of BlackBerry contains more than three times as much fiber as other fruits, which is undoubtedly helpful for heart health
5BlueberryIt is a special fruit. Eating blueberries can reduce the risk of urinary tract infection.
6melonThe content of vitamin A and C is very high. It is an ideal food to supplement vitamins.
7cherryCan help people protect heart health
8cowberry Can help reduce the risk of urinary tract infection
9grapefruitThe content of vitamin C is very high.
10Purple grapeIts flavonoids and other substances can provide triple protection for the heart.

These lists only describe the main advantages, specific nutrients and content, and can refer to relevant materials.

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