There is not only the surface scenery in the world worth visiting but also the beauty of caves. Let’s start a cave trip and check the famous caves.

In the following content, for reference and study only, the ranking does not distinguish between before and after.

1Ali Sadr caveIn Ali Sadr village in the northwest of Hamadan, Hamadan City, Hamadan Province, Iran, AsiaThis cave was discovered by Hamadan’s mountaineering team in the 1970s. The width of the cave is about 1.5-60 meters. The former name of Ali Sadr cave is “Ali Saad cave”. At present, it is the largest water cave found in the world and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iran.
Ali Sadr cave is composed of several lakes. These lakes are deep and large, 11 kilometers long and about 50 meters high. The wall of the cave is as high as 40 meters. There is a river flowing slowly in the cave. Tourists can play in the cave and enjoy the strange landscape in the cave. The most noteworthy thing is that ancient art and paintings dating back to 12000 years were found on the rock wall, depicting the scene of hunting. Tourists can see the patterns of bows, arrows, and animals. According to the paintings, it can be inferred that primitive humans lived in the cave at that time. Of course, in addition to these rock paintings, It is also the purpose of tourists to enjoy stalactites and stalagmites formed naturally over thousands of years.
2Deer CaveBorneo, MalaysiaDeer Cave, located near Miri, was discovered by a geologist in Malaysia in 1961 but was first investigated in 1978. This cave is the winner of the title of the longest cave passage in the world. It is said to accommodate five St. Paul’s Cathedrals in England. It is a very suitable place for cave exploration. Ludong was developed as a tourist attraction in 1984, and about 25000 people visit it every year. After entering Mt. Mulu National Park, you need to walk for 3 kilometers. The most exciting thing is not the thousands of bats, but the spectacular scenery of bats coming out of the cave. They are like an ink dragon winding slowly along the mountain until they rush to the top of the mountain, which is very spectacular.
3Hughton groto caveTennessee, USAPeople who have been here feeling the same. This is a beautiful and terrifying cave. The deepest water in the cave is more than 150 meters, and the height from the top of the cave to the water surface is more than 150 meters, forming this amazing natural structure. In the cave, it is simply a big world.
4Skocjan CavesSloveniaThe Scochiyan Cave is a great sight on the karst plateau, and it is still one of the largest and longest karst caves in the world. It is located in the lowest part of the Bivera Valley on the karst plateau at the border of the Republic of Slovenia and Italy, 52 kilometers from Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. The special limestone cave system includes collapsed drowning holes, about 6 kilometers of underground passages more than 200 meters deep, and many waterfalls. Scochiyan Cave is located in the Dallas area (karst), one of the famous sites in the study of karst phenomena in the world.
5Moroccan cavesMoroccoMoroccan caves are one of the largest caves in North Africa with a very large network of caves. Moroccan cave, a ray of sunlight from the hole, shines on the two little people who are watching the cave. It has particularly strange caves, no wonder people are willing to live here for hundreds of years. In addition, scientists unearthed the garment-making bone tools in Moroccan caves, 120,000 years ago, it can be imagined, have a long history. For a trip to Morocco, this is one of the must-see attractions.
6Mammoth CaveCountry-Central KentuckyMammoth Cave National Park is located in the mountains of central Kentucky in the western United States, covering an area of 207.83 square kilometers. It is one of the world’s natural heritages. Mammoth Cave is named after the mammoth in ancient times. As of 2006, the length of this “Big Mac” cave has been explored for nearly 600 kilometers. How long it is is still being explored. For more than 200 years, explorers have been working one after another, and their exploration spirit has been engraved in the discovery history of each kilometer of Mammoth Cave. The cave network here is the largest underground limestone cave network in the world. Mammoths are woolly mammoths, which are now extinct. Mammoth caves have nothing to do with mammoths. In this case, the name is used to describe the cave being spoiled.
7Hang Son DoongVietnam windy Jaap Bang National ParkHan Song cave is located in Vietnam’s Feng Ya Bang National Park. Many scientists believe that the Han Song cave is by far the largest single large-scale natural cave in the world, and it is also the world’s largest cave channel found so far. The karst landform is the biggest feature of the National Park. As many as 300 caves have been found, which were selected as the “World Natural Heritage” in 2003.
8Dashiwei Tiankeng group scenic spotLeye County of Baise City and Fengshan County of Hechi CityTourists from all over the world can enjoy the world’s oldest and youngest sinkhole, the world’s largest underground primeval forest and the richest and rarest underground biological species, the world’s highest and largest natural cliff, and the most striking and complete natural map of China on this cliff, and the world’s most typical karst landform, As well as the largest karst cave with the largest lotus basin in the world and the rare natural stone arch bridge in the world.
Dashiwei Tiankeng has a vertical depth of 613 meters, a length of 600 meters from east to west, a width of 420 meters from north to south, and a volume of about 800 million cubic meters. The bottom of the Tiankeng is 1486m from Lefeng, 1398m from the Xifeng observation platform, and the inner diameter from Dongfeng to Xifeng is 600m. The underground primeval forest area of Dashiwei is 96000 square meters, ranking first in the world.
Dashiwei is the most shocking scenic spot in the whole Tiankeng group and a rare natural scenic tourist attraction.
9Huanglong CaveHekou village, SUOXIYU Town, Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City,chinaHuanglong cave is an organic part of the world’s natural heritage and Wulingyuan of the World Geopark. It is a typical karst landform. With its huge three-dimensional structure cave space, rich karst cave landscape, and land and water sightseeing routes, it is unique in the world, enjoying the reputation of “world karst wonders” and “world all-around champion of karst caves”.
10Sea erosion caveNorwayNorway sea erosion cave, a variety of different-shaped rocks, sea erosion cliff, sea erosion cave, sea erosion landforms blooming everywhere. Norway sea erosion cave, like an ice sea world, breathtaking. The sea erosion cave is a horizontal and tunnel-shaped cave at the bottom of the sea cliff, which is located between the rising tide and the falling tide. The destructive waves constantly impact the coast, and is located between the rising tide and the falling tide, full of weak line, due by the wear and tear of dry and wet alternation, hydraulic, dissolution and erosion.
11Finger caveStaffa, Scotlandinger (Fingal) cave is located on the uninhabited Staafa Island (Staffa) in Scotland. Although it is a sea-eroded cave, a natural cave created by volcanoes,
12Vietnam etching holeVietnamVietnam Erosion Cave is the world’s largest cave, with internal rainforest channels and spectacular scenery. The cave also has its own unique climate, and in the cave there are clouds and mist, formed by the flowing water erosion of the underground limestone, and eventually led to the top of the mountain stone collapse, forming a huge internal space. With the occasional reflection of sunlight. Others are convinced that the mysterious cave may have a gateway to the mysterious earth world.
13Reed Flute CaveThe south side of Maotou mountain on the right bank of Taohua River in the northwest of Guilin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous RegionLudi Rock used to haunt wild cats and small animals, so it was called “wild cat Rock”.
The most famous scenic spot inside is “Yuntai View”, which is about 240 meters long. The cave also has hot springs gushing from the ground that can provide 50 people to bathe at the same time.
Because the water is rich in a variety of trace elements, it has a health care effect on diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
14Onondaga caveMissouri, USAOrodonga Cave, is located in Missouri, United States. It is one of the top ten beautiful caves in the world. With strange stalactites,
photographers vividly described them as “Lilia pad” and “colon”, which are very similar to fairyland.
15Waitomo CaveNew ZealandWaitomo cave, also known as firefly cave and Waitomo cave, is located in the Waitomo cave area of Waikato, New Zealand, and is famous for its underground cave phenomenon. Under the ground, limestone formations form a series of huge karst cave systems, decorated with various stalactites, stalagmites,
and fireflies. Some karst caves are open to tourists, while others are used for experts’ research. 
It is very charming to sit on a bamboo raft and walk through the dark cave to enjoy the underground karst cave of waituomo. Sitting alone on a bamboo raft, drifting along the underground river.
16Furong CaveChongqing Wulong County furong Cave scenic area is a large limestone cave, formed in the Quaternary Pleistocene (about 1.2 million years ago), developed in the ancient Cambrian dolomitic limestone. The stable temperature deep inside the cave is 16.1 degrees. Furong cave main hole 2700 meters long,
tour road 1860 meters, bottom width 12-15 meters above, maximum width 69.5 meters; hole height generally 8-25 meters, the highest 48.3 meters, hole bottom total area 37000 square meters, including brilliant hall area above 1000 square meters, 11,000 square meters,
the most spectacular. The maximum static and passenger capacity of the Furong Cave is 185,000 people. It is also known as one of the “three major caves in the world”.
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