Maybe one day, I will take a tour of New Zealand(Part I)

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1Good Shepherd ChurchThe Good Shepherd Church, a beautiful stone church, is located on the shore of Lake Tekapo in New Zealand. The background is a vast landscape. Many couples choose to hold weddings here.
This church was built in 1935 by Benjamin Woolfield Mumford, a famous architect. Its Gothic wood structure and stone structure are unique in New Zealand. Lake Tekapo is a 3-hour drive from Christchurch, suitable for boating and other activities. The Good Shepherd Church is named after the sculpture of a shepherd dog.
It is a tribute to the pioneers who created farmland and Mackenzie in the past. It is very memorable to always remember they are great achievements. Many newlyweds choose to hold weddings here.
From the window of the church altar, you can see the most spectacular scenery of the Southern Alps.
2 Cook MountainKuke Mountain is also called Keke Mountain. A high mountain in New Zealand, located in the South Alps in the west central South Island. There are 22 peaks with a height of more than 3000 meters (10000 feet), covered with snow all year round, and 3754 meters (12316 feet) high.
There is an extremely bright night sky here. When watching the stars here, we will arrange knowledgeable astronomical guides to guide you to use advanced monocular telescopes and high-power binoculars to understand the beautiful starry sky in the southern hemisphere.
3Tasman SeaThe eastern fjord of the Tasman Sea, also known as Mifo fjord (English: Milford Sound, Maori: Piopiotahi), means “First Native Thrush” in Maori.
It is a glacier terrain located in the fjord national park in the southwest of South Island, New Zealand. The fjord was formed during the ice age, and its deepest part is 265 meters away from Mitt Peak.
The Maori believe that the fjord was created by a powerful blacksmith named Tutiraki Fauna. He carved the cliffs and magnificent mountains of Milford Fjord with his magic axe.
4Queens townQueenstown in New Zealand is a beautiful town surrounded by the South Alps, and it is also a beautiful city close to the mountains and near the water. Queenstown is full of sightseeing spots.
The blue sky is sunny in summer, the bright red and golden leaves are colorful in autumn, the weather is cool and sunny in winter, and there are large mountains covered with snow, while spring is the day when flowers bloom.
The four seasons are distinct, each with a different look. Lake Wakatipu near the urban area is a deep and blue mountain lake.
The magnificent mountains are dotted with green-brown mountains covered with snow in the background. From Queenstown to the top of the mountain, it is a green color.
The name of Queenstown comes from the fact that the colonists believed that the beautiful scenery here should belong to the Queen, so it was named Queenstown.
Sky Tower
The Sky Tower is located at the junction of Victoria Street and Federation Street in the center of Auckland.
The Sky Tower is a sightseeing and radio tower; The tower is 328 meters high, becoming the highest structure building in the southern hemisphere. It is the 13th independent sightseeing tower in the world and a member of the World Tower Alliance.
The Sky Tower can withstand a wind speed of 200km/h and an earthquake of magnitude 7 on the Richter scale 40 km away. Even an earthquake of magnitude 8 on the Richter scale 20 kilometers away will not fall.
6Lake WakatipuLake Wakatipu is located in the mountains. Tourists can choose to take a hovercraft or a speedboat.
One of the most popular activities for tourists in Queenstown is to take a steamboat (TSS Earnslaw) to swim on Lake Wakatipu.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the Enslow was designed to facilitate the residents living by the lake.
Today, the ship is still well maintained. It takes tourists to the Walter Peak Mountain Village to see the sheep ranch scenery. There are restaurants, cafes, and bars on board.
7Tekapo, L.Tekapo Lake is the second largest lake flowing from north to south in the north of Mackenzie Basin. It is located between Christchurch and Queenstown, a famous tourist city on the South Island of New Zealand.
It was rated as one of the best stargazing spots in the world and is famous for it. It attracts thousands of international tourists every year.
Unlike the Northern Hemisphere, which is plagued by light pollution, the Olaki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve,
where Tekapo Lake is located, has insisted on using special protective covers and bulbs for the past 30 years to make the light source shine on the ground, so as to protect the night sky.
8Eden MountainMount Eden is located about 5 kilometers south of the center of Auckland, New Zealand. It is the crater of an extinct volcano. There is an observation tower on the top of the mountain, which has a wide view.
It is an excellent place to look at the city scene. In addition, you can visit the ruins of Maori strongholds in the 12th century. When the volcano erupted, the magma covered nearly 6 square kilometers.
The magma ejected from the pool is up to 160 million cubic meters, which can fill 32400 Olympic standard swimming pools.
Eden Mountain has a temperate marine climate, with little temperature difference in the four seasons. It is suitable for tourism in all seasons.
9Coromandel PeninsulaThe Koromand Peninsula comprises densely forested mountains, a spectacular coastline, and lush forests.
The 400 km long coastline always allows tourists to find their own beach. Gold mine sites, logging dams, and ancient Maori mountain fastness tell the fascinating history of the Koromand Peninsula one by one.
Through the well-preserved colonial buildings and buildings in the town, we can also see its glorious past.
There are a series of sports to choose from on the island. Fishing, surfing, diving, swimming, seaside walking, forest exploration, heritage viewing, and village sightseeing are all essential.
10Tongariro National Park National ParkTongariro Park is located at the south end of Rotorua Taupo geothermal area in the center of New Zealand’s North Island, covering an area of about 400000 hectares. It is a New Zealand national park.
Tongariro Park is a unique volcanic park. There are 15 craters in the park, including 3 famous active volcanoes: Tongariro, N’Oruhoi, and Ruapehu.
The overlapping mountains and the wonders of volcanic activity here attract tourists from all over the world. The sea of N’Oruhoi Crater is about 2300 meters, and the smoke billows all year round.
11Queenstown SkylineThe sky cable car is located on the top of Bob’s Peak in Queenstown, which is the place overlooking the downtown area of Queenstown, Wakatip Lake, and the distant mountains.
You can walk about 10 minutes from the urban area to the cable car ride point, and take the cable car in the southern hemisphere to the top of the mountain. The sightseeing corridor on the second floor can overlook the whole town from 270 degrees, and the scenery at sunset is even more fascinating.
The sky cable car is a very comprehensive scenic spot. In addition to sightseeing, there is also a very famous restaurant StratosfareRestaurant, which was once rated as the “World’s Best Scenery Restaurant” by ABC.
12ArrowtownArrow Town, known as “a very beautiful autumn town in New Zealand”, is located around Queenstown. There are still more than 60 wood and stone buildings in the town, some of which are still in use today.
The rise of Arrow Town began in the 1860s. After the discovery of gold in Jianhe, the number of people swarming in is seven or eight times as many as the current population of the town. When the flowers are falling, stroll on Buckingham Street, the main street full of romantic Victorian style.
You will be overwhelmed by a variety of handicraft stores, candy stores, and specialty clothing and accessories stores around. You can take a catalog of the old buildings in the museum and spend the afternoon feeling the unique historical charm of Arrow Town.
The quiet and remote atmosphere of the ancient town will certainly bring a unique autumn atmosphere.
13TSS Earnslaw – RealNZThe TSS Earnslaw, known as the “Princess of the Lake”, was born in 1912 – a golden age in the history of steamships, including the world-famous cruise ship Titanic. Now, as a coal-fired ferry, she has been sailing for 100 years.
It is a fascinating landscape on Lake Wakatipu, taking you through time and enjoying the colorful European style at the beginning of the 20th century. During the voyage, you can lean against the railing on the deck and enjoy the beautiful lakes and mountains in Queenstown.
You can also climb the watchtower to see the captain’s superb steering skills. You can also sneak into the steam boiler room to understand the operating principle of the steam engine.
14AJ Hackett Kawarau Bridge Bungee CenterBungee jumping, a crazy and exciting high-altitude jumping activity, has a large number of loyal fans. This craze originated from the high-altitude jumping at Kawarau Bridge in November 1988.
The bungee jumping center of AJ Hackett Kawarau Bridge is the birthplace of bungee jumping in the world and a very representative place for outdoor exploration in Queenstown. Under the Kawarau Bridge is the famous Kawarau River.
There are many kinds of bungee jumping events, and tourists can have personalized requirements. The staff will adjust the bungee jumping rope according to your requirements, for example, tourists can choose whether to touch the water.
15Milford Sound Scenic CruisesTake the modern spacious Milford Fjord sightseeing cruise ship to view the scenery of Milford Fjord.
You can enjoy the panoramic view outside the ship from any area of the indoor cabin. The cruise ship is equipped with a comfortable indoor lounge and a large full landscape window. Standing at the bow, you can watch the waterfalls and wildlife from a close distance.
From the spacious upper outdoor deck, you can directly look down on the water’s surface, and the captain will provide rich explanations. The cruise ships departing at some times will also play explanations in other languages.
16Queenstown Hot Air BalloonFlying in a hot air balloon tour is an excellent way to enjoy the spectacular scenery of Queenstown and is one of the top local activities.
The hot air balloon activity is held in the early morning, when the airflow is relatively stable, which is suitable for the flight of hot air balloons. Take a hot-air balloon to a height of 6000 feet above sea level, and the rising sun will spread golden sunshine over the mountains and lakes.
With the rise of the hot air balloon, the beauty of Queenstown is at a glance. The location of the Hobbit, the Southern Alps, and Lake Wakatip… float under the blue sky and white clouds, and you can take breathtaking photos here.
17Doubtful SoundThe magic fjord, also known as the “silent fjord”, is a relatively long (421 meters) fjord (40 kilometers) on the South Island. It shows the uncanny workmanship of nature, which is quiet, pleasant, mysterious, and wonderful, and has not been affected by modern society.
1. The name of the fjord comes from Captain Cook
Because the fjord was narrow and the boat was very dangerous, Captain James Cook did not sail into the harbor at that time. Later, when they arrived there, hunters who killed whales and seals called it Doubtful Sound.
Like other fjords in the region, the waters of the magic fjord are divided into two distinct layers. The top few meters are freshwater flowing from the surrounding mountains, and the bottom is salt water from the sea.
Because the refractive index of fresh water and seawater is different, it is difficult for light to shine in. Therefore, many deep-sea species, such as black corals, grow in relatively shallow places.
2. Beautiful natural landscape and rich wildlife
The magic fjord is distributed with several waterfalls flying down, especially in the rainy season. Brown Falls in Hall Bay is 619 meters long; Helena Falls in the deep bay is 220 meters long. The fantastic wildlife is another reason why the fjord attracts tourists. The rare bottlenose dolphins, seals, and penguins are all here.
18Roys Peak TrackThe famous walking path in Wanaka, New Zealand, is rugged and steep, with sand roads and no guardrails. It is a very original walking path. Climbing to the top and looking at the whole situation, you can see all the mountains and mountains, the blue sea, and the blue sky.
As the zigzag road continues to climb, the panorama of Wanaka Lake will unfold before your eyes bit by bit. When you climb to the top of Mount Roy, which is 1578 meters above sea level, the epic mountains and lakes will unfold like a picture.
19River Kawarau River BoardingKawarau River Float rafting is one of the popular rafting projects in Queenstown. Float rafting, as its name implies, is a relatively new water play activity, which uses a body float to swim in the rapids. Lying on the floating board on the water, you can go down with the unrestrained current and challenge the countless whirlpools formed in the turbulent current, which is very exciting.
The whole journey will challenge your nerves, and you will be amazed by the clear river and the natural scenery on both banks of the river. If you are bold enough, you can also walk to the big rock on the bank of the river for a jump, which is very exciting.
20Gibbston Valley Winery & RestaurantAs early as the early 1980s, Alan Brady, founder of Gitten Manor, planted a grapevine in the Gibbston area with a passion for winemaking. The interaction of sunlight, soil, and climate in this 45 ° south latitude land has achieved the miracle of grape planting in this area.
Based on this planting experience, Alan also realized the patience and sharpening required to cultivate great wine fruits.
Only certain grape varieties can survive in the local cool climate. In 1983, Alan created Home Block, the vineyard of Gitten Manor, and produced the first commercial vintage wine of the manor in 1987. The wine produced by Alan was immediately recognized. Subsequently, a number of imitators followed suit, following the pace of the pioneers.
Since Alan, the founder, planted vines here, Gitten Manor has been improving various services and environmental facilities for decades. From dining experience to wine cellar visits, and special purchases to cycling sightseeing, Gitten Manor has become a world tourist destination and a scenic spot to experience pure New Zealand wine.
The winery has a large-scale Wine Cave in New Zealand. The introduction of the winery will take you to the early vineyards in Central Otago to see the style of the Home Block vineyard, understand the grape planting and wine brewing process, and also glimpse the daily work of the winemaker.
The winery also has a boutique restaurant, where the valley is quiet and beautiful, and the wonderful combination of beautiful scenery and good wine and food will bring you an unforgettable dining experience.
21Wānaka Lavender FarmWanaka Lavender Farm is only a few minutes away from Wanaka. Every November to January, large areas of lavender are in full bloom. You can come here to experience the beautiful lavender fields and gardens.  
Take a leisurely walk in the flower field, get close contact with the small animals on the farm, or have afternoon tea to relax. You can also enjoy the popular lavender honey ice cream.
22Waterfall CreeksLuoshui Creek is located on the bank of Wanaka Lake. It is the only place for local people to walk around the lake and ride bicycles. Tourists are very rare. There are old Wanaka Railway Station, a vineyard, and other landscapes nearby. You can also do public welfare on the way and follow the instructions to water roadside plants.
23Lake MarianLocated on the road from Tianau to Milford Fjord, Lake Marian is a typical New Zealand road landscape and is known as one of the more beautiful lakes in the world. If you go there on foot, there should be many opportunities to take good photos.
24Hobbiton™ Movie Set ToursHobbit Village is part of Woodlyn Park, located near Waitomo Cave. In 1999, in order to cooperate with the shooting of the film Lord of the Rings, professionals spent nearly a year on this previously unknown farm to set up the shooting scene of the film.
25Mount EdenEden Mountain is located about 5 kilometers south of downtown Auckland, 196 meters high. It is the higher of many volcanic cones in Auckland and also the natural commanding height of Auckland. There is a lookout tower on the top of the mountain to enjoy the urban scenery of Auckland.
Eden Mountain is named after George Eden, an Earl in Auckland. It has erupted several times. It is speculated that the most recent eruption was 15000 years ago. This hill is formed by the accumulation of volcanic ejecta around the crater, which looks like an inverted cone bowl from a distance. Its pit bottom has become a lush green land, which is very special.
26Avon RiverThere are seats on the bank of the river section, so you can sit down and have a rest when you are tired. If you have plenty of time to visit the scenery on both sides of Avon River by taking a British-style gondola, you may as well take a British-style punting boat to go boating on Avon River, slowly sway on the calm river, enjoy the pleasant time and enjoy the charming scenery along the way, which is very romantic. The boarding point is Antigua Boat Sheds.
During the 30-minute journey, the boatman will introduce you to the history or interesting stories of coastal scenery. Blankets, umbrellas, and even thermoses are provided on the boat so that you can go boating even in cold winter. You can also rent rubber boats and kayaks to explore the Avon River alone.
27International Antarctic CenterChristchurch is an important gateway to understanding the South Pole. The International Antarctic Center, located near Christchurch International Airport, was opened on September 28, 1990, and is operated by Christchurch International Airport Group. Here, you can learn about the history and geology of the Antarctic Circle through sound, light, and electricity.
1. The architecture of the International Antarctic Center is inspired by the special landforms of Antarctica, such as icebergs and glaciers. The museum is also designed according to the Antarctic climate and ice and snow. When entering the International Antarctic Center, the first thing I saw was the outdoor situation of the Antarctic Base and the field photos and materials sent back by Scott Base that day.
2. The Antarctic storm cabin is equipped with real snow and low-temperature fans, which can let you experience the cold of more than ten degrees below zero in Antarctica, and simulate the fierce wind when a snowstorm comes. You need to change your clothes and wear warm clothes and shoes before entering.
3. Penguin introduction area Watch the feeding show and then walk down to the penguin introduction area. There is also a feeding show. Here you will see the world’s mini blue penguins, which are very cute.
If you are very interested in these blue penguins, you can take part in the trip of meeting penguins, go backstage to learn how the facilities in the penguin isolation area operate, and the living and eating habits of penguins, so that you can get close contact with them.
28Christchurch Botanic GardensThe Christchurch Botanical Garden was built in July 1863. The natural wetlands and sand dunes in those days have now been transformed into a beautiful garden full of flowers.
The Botanical Garden covers an area of 30 hectares, with 10 affiliated gardens of different styles, and more than 10000 local or imported plant varieties.
Most of these affiliated gardens are located in the Avon River basin.
If you enter the Botanical Garden from Ralston Avenue
on the side of the Canterbury Museum, you can enjoy the annual flower bed
the gardening exhibition, and then walk through the green arrow lawn to the Rose Garden. There are more than 250 kinds of roses in the garden, which are bright in color and fragrant, showing the luxurious beauty of roses. The nearby herb garden is full of various cooking and medicinal plants, which are worth seeing. Next to the Rose Garden is the New Zealand Garden, which shows the charm of various New Zealand native plants. There are also 7 greenhouses displaying many exotic plants, such as cacti, succulent plants, tropical orchids, and insectivorous plants.
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