List of video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. in Tajikistan (for information only)

Presidency of Tajikistan website of the Presidency of Tajikistan, available in Tajik, Russian and English. The content includes the functions of the President, speeches, meetings, pictures, and books, and also includes an overview of the country, development plans, government institutions, state policies, news, etc.
The Asian Plus Newspaper Plus is a Tajik newspaper with the largest circulation of any socio-political publication in Tajikistan and holds an important position among all newspapers. Its official website contains news on policy, economy, law, and order, companies, regions, Central Asia, the world, and Tajikistan itself.
TAJIK123.COM is the largest music portal and the first entertainment website in Tajikistan, launched in January 2011. The site offers free MP3 music, music videos, software downloads, forums, pictures, and much more, and features the most popular musicians of the moment. The site is in English.
Safina TV TV, located in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, is one of the few TV stations in Tajikistan. It is a state-owned TV station that provides all kinds of news and information, programs, schedules, etc. The website language is Russian.
TRAVELTAJIKISTAN the spirit of “guest first, sincere cooperation, high-quality service, reputation first”, Tajikistan Journey provides various information consultations and services for tourists. Help tourists prioritize food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, and entertainment. And constantly expanding with domestic counterparts to establish and develop sincere and friendly relations of cooperation, to provide tourism services covering the whole territory of Tajikistan.
Khovar is the official news agency of Tajikistan, featuring channels on the country’s president, foreign policy, security, economy, culture, education, society, sports, agriculture, regions, and photo stories, along with the latest news updates from the country’s leaders. The website is available in Russian, English, and other languages
Varzish publishing the latest top headlines from Tajikistan and the international sports world
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