List of Swedish video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name WebsiteRelationshipsIntroduction
Spray is one of the largest general portals in Sweden and is very influential among young Swedes. The site is in Swedish and provides users with services and information on email, news, entertainment, sports, dating, community, personal profiles, and radio.
Sveriges Television AB Swedish Television (Swedish: Sveriges Television AB), a Swedish public television station, launched on 4 September 1956 and has the largest television broadcasting network in Sweden.
TNT 7 TNT 7 is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a high viewership in Sweden, offering schedules, previews, guides, and online videos in Swedish.
Suroyo TV Suroyo TV is a Swedish television station dedicated to Arab immigrants, broadcasting mainly to Arab immigrants in Sweden, providing all kinds of news and information, including politics, culture, religion, ethnicity, historical events, documentaries, music, education, etc., in Syriac, Arabic, Swedish, English, and Turkish, and the website language is Arabic.
TV3 TV3 was founded on 31 December 1987 and is a TV station offering various entertainment programs, entertainment news, program schedules, program guides, program content previews, program highlights, program online viewing, etc. The website language is Swedish.
Swedish News Agency Founded in 1921, Svenska Dagbladet is Sweden’s largest news agency, with its head office in Stockholm and national, international, photo, sports, parliamentary, economic, and labor market editorial departments. Its mission is to provide national and international news to more than 140 newspapers as well as radio and television stations in Sweden.
Scandinavian Times The Nordic Times is an overseas Chinese language media outlet established in Sweden, with extensive links to Swedish universities, businesses, and politics. The website provides the latest and hottest news from the Nordic countries and the Chinese community.
Goteborgs Posten The Goteborgs Posten (Gothenburg Post) is a major local newspaper in Gothenburg, Sweden, first published in 1813, with a daily circulation of about 254,000 copies.
Metro The Swedish newspaper Metro is a free quarto tabloid newspaper, founded in 1995 and distributed mainly in the metro, published six days a week in 55 editions a day. The free daily newspaper is now published in 27 editions in 14 languages in 16 countries and territories worldwide.
Svenska Dagbladet Svenska Dagbladet is a national Swedish-language daily newspaper published in Stockholm in 1884. It is known as the “Swedish Times” because of its similarity to the British newspaper The Times in terms of layout, and its readers are mainly government officials, politicians, businessmen, and intellectuals.
Expressen Expressen is one of Sweden’s leading general interest daily newspapers with a daily circulation of around 340,000 copies. The newspaper combines political, economic, cultural, scientific, educational, entertainment, and travel social coverage.
Aftonbladet Founded in 1879, Aftonbladet is one of Sweden’s most widely circulated newspapers, based in Stockholm, with a daily circulation of one and a half million copies.
Sydsvenskan Sydsvenskan (South Swedish daily newspaper) is a daily newspaper published in Malmö, Sweden. It is one of Malmö’s largest employers. It was first established in 1848 and its area of circulation includes, in addition to Malmö, southern Johar.
 Youtify  Swedish Notify is a free online website for watching music videos and a YouTube online music video player. Users can find their favorite videos on YouTube and add the videos to a playlist and Youtify will play them online for free.
YLE YLE is the national public radio and television company run by the Finnish government. Founded in 1926 and state-run in 1934, YLE now runs a number of radio and television programs, each in Finnish and Swedish.
Sweden’s leading news portal.http://www.dinapengar.seSwedish Sweden’s leading news portal.
Nya Wermlands-Tidningen Swedish daily news and information.
DI Sweden’s leading business daily.
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