List of Portuguese video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

NamePortuguese NameWebsiteRelationshipsIntroduction
Portuguese video website. Portuguese video website.
Mov Portugal Movie Channel The move is a famous Portuguese film channel that broadcasts all kinds of well-known films and TV programs, providing program guides, broadcast schedules, the latest film, and TV news, previews of film and TV content, interviews with film and TV stars, online video clips, etc. The website language is Portuguese.
Online video entertainment website. video entertainment website.
Extreme Sports Channel The Extreme Sports Channel is one of the more recognizable sports television stations in the United States, part of the Fox cable network, providing information on extreme sports such as skateboarding, skiing, off-road, surfing, etc. It operates in both Australia and Portugal, and the website language is English.
Independent Television of Mozambique The Independent Television of Mozambique is located in Maputo, Mozambique, and is known for its freedom of expression. It was founded with the financial support of many international organizations and offers a wide range of news and information, program guides, time and content previews, etc. The website is in Portuguese.
RTPhttp://www.rtp.ptPortuguese Portuguese Radio and Television (RTP) is a state-run television station founded in 1933, with two national stations, RTP1 and RTP2, three radio stations, several local stations and two international channels, RTP Africa and RTP International, broadcasting in English, French and Portuguese. In 2012, the Portuguese government introduced a series of fiscal austerity measures in the country, which led to the privatization of RTP.
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Portuguese news agency Lusa (Lusa for short) The Portuguese news agency Lusa (Lusa for short) is the national news agency of Portugal, founded on 28 November 1986, by the merger of the Portuguese Press Agency and the Portuguese News Agency, mainly providing news services, with newspapers, radio channels, TV stations, etc.
Correio da Manha Correio da Manha is a Portuguese-language daily newspaper published and distributed in Lisbon. Founded in 1979, focusing on crime, scandal, and high-profile headline stories, the newspaper is considered to be one of the most commonly read newspapers in the country.
Portuguese News Jornal de Noticias (Portuguese News) is a Portuguese daily newspaper in Spanish and one of the oldest newspapers in Portugal, launched in Porto in June 1888 and was a very popular newspaper at the time.
Destak Portuguese newspaper Destak is the first free newspaper in Portugal, founded in 2001 and distributed through the metro, schools, offices, canteens, and hospitals. Its coverage covers regional and global breaking news, sports, cars, real estate, etc.
Diário de Notícias Diário de Notícias (Portugal) is a traditional daily newspaper in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, and an influential newspaper in the country. Founded in 1864, it provides written and video coverage of politics, economics, sports, science, and the arts.
The Madeira Times Madeira Times is Madeira’s online English language newspaper and guide to the island, in English, and Madeira Islands Travel Guide, which, in addition to covering general news about the island, tends to present more tourist information, as well as a blogging service, with a strong focus on interactivity with the viewer.
Publico The Portuguese newspaper Publico is a national Portuguese-language daily newspaper, launched in 1990, providing news on politics, economy, sports, society, education, science, culture, etc. The newspaper has rich text and illustrations.
Sol Founded in 2006, the Portuguese newspaper Sol is a comprehensive weekly newspaper offering political, social, economic, sports, and lifestyle-related content with a maximum circulation of 128,000 copies. The weekly newspaper’s logo, created by a Portuguese painter, changes color according to the seasons.
Diário Económico Diário Económico (Portuguese Economic Daily News) is a leading Portuguese financial daily newspaper, based in Lisbon.
Sapo Sapo is a general portal based in Portugal and the second largest portal in Madeira, offering the latest news and information, entertainment, sports, videos, photography, etc. The website language is Portuguese.
Azores Online Azores Online is a news portal that offers regional, international, economic, cultural, social, and sporting content in all areas. The website is in Portuguese.
XL XL is one of Portugal’s portals, offering the latest news and information of all kinds, including search, weather, forums, friendships, etc. The website language is Portuguese.
Music-pt Music-pt is Portugal’s influential music forum, which includes an artist board, an acoustic section, a discussion section, a video section, a band discussion section, and more. There are also boards for discussion of games and art. The forum is in Portuguese.
Music search engine A new music search engine that aggregates complete information about songs, and artists and presents the most complete information about music for users.
Record The Portuguese newspaper Record is a leading Portuguese sports daily, founded in 1948 and based in Lisbon, which covers all types of sports news, with a focus on football.
Portuguese general portal.http://www.clix.ptPortuguese Portuguese general portal.
Portuguese general portal. Portuguese general portal.
IOLhttp://www.iol.ptPortuguese Portuguese Media Capital Group portal, mail, news, economy, sports, celebrities, videos, pictures, classifieds, and job opportunities.
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