List of Belizean news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for reference only)

Name Website Relationships Introduction
Belize Online Belize Online is one of the largest portals in Belize, the website is ranked 18th out of all the websites in the country and mainly includes news, travel, blogs, search services, etc. The website language is English.
The Belize Times The Belize Times is a weekly newspaper, it is a local newspaper in Belize, and its official website is in English, published by the official body of the People’s United Party, established in 1956, and sells for BZ$1.
Belize Government Website Belize government website in English, with country profile, functional profiles of government departments, government news, forms to download, related links, etc. Belize is located in North America, the capital and seat of government are Belmopan, and the official language is English.
Belize Tourism Board The Belize Tourism Board presents information on Belize’s profile, tourist attractions, tourist activities, destinations, unique tours, accommodations, and transportation.
7 News Belize 7 News Belize, established in 1981, is a long-established television station in Belize, offering mainly comprehensive programs with a wide range of coverage, mainly providing schedules of programs, previews of program content, news updates, and other kinds of information, the website language is English.
Krem Radio Krem Radio was established in 2004 to serve Belize and is the main commercial television station in Belize, mainly providing programming times, content, news, shopping, and links to several stations under the station’s umbrella, the website language is English.
DUPLOOY TRAVEL DuPlooy Travel has been working with the Belize Holiday website and the Belize X website since 1997 in a joint effort to provide a high-quality and distinctive travel service for visitors to Belize. The travel agency has a team of skilled and knowledgeable travel service specialists who strive to create memorable trips to Belize. The travel agency’s range of services includes personalized holiday packages, accommodation arrangements for inland or coastal Belize tours, Belize Barrier Reef diving, pyramid hikes, and much more.
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