List of Chilean news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name WebsiteRelationships Introduction
Chilean government websites Chilean government website, available in Spanish and English, with content including profiles of the President and First Lady, an overview of the residence, an introduction to the government’s institutional set-up, a blog, a newsroom, and more.
La Tercera Tercera is a Chilean national daily newspaper founded in 1950 and published and distributed in the capital Santiago, offering national and international news, education, opinion, culture, entertainment, and more.
El Mercurio Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, founded in 1827, was one of the first Spanish newspapers founded in the world, published mainly in Santiago, Valparaiso, Antofagasta, and Calama, with around 50 editions per day and a circulation of around 150,000 copies, the newspaper is influential in the Latin American region.
The Moment Hora (The Moment) is Chile’s authoritative daily newspaper, reporting in Spanish. Its official website offers news, services, galleries, TV, digital versions of the newspaper, and other content, and users can view the latest newspaper content online.
The Second Newspaper Segunda is a Chilean afternoon daily newspaper, owned by El Mercurio SAP. in Spanish.
South American News Network a keen eye for strategic development and a unique source of information, South America News has rapidly developed from scratch in just a few months into a comprehensive information website integrating information on South America, trade and investment, culture and tourism, study and training, and other aspects.
The Latest News Newspaper Prensa is one of Chile’s daily newspapers, founded in 1902 and located in Santiago. The online version provides the latest national and international news and information, publishing the latest and back issues of the newspaper, and the language of the website is Spanish.
Canal 13 13 is located in Santiago, Chile, and is dedicated to the broadcasting of arts and entertainment programs. It offers broadcast times, previews of programs, online access to programs, interviews with celebrities, entertainment news, insight and tracking of hot topics, etc. The website is in Spanish.
ETC TV TV, located in Santiago, Chile, is a television station dedicated to broadcasting animation programs, offering schedules and previews of various animation programs, highlighting exciting animation programs, offering viewer forums, various animations online, etc. The website is in Spanish.
24 Horas Horas is located in Santiago de Chile and broadcasts 24/7 a variety of news, variety, social, economic, and other general programs, providing videos of the news broadcast by the station, a schedule of programs, previews of programs, etc. The website is in Spanish.
Chilevision vision is located in Santiago, Chile, and features literary, entertainment, and variety shows, interviews with celebrities, entertainment presentations, entertainment news, schedules, online videos, and links to other TV stations, in Spanish.
TVN of Chilean National Television (TVN).
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