List of South African news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name Website Relationships Introduction
Official website of the South African government AfricanOfficial website of the South African government, providing government structure, speeches, statements, and documents, also for its own citizens, foreign organizations, and individuals.
Self Tours AfricanSelf Tours is a registered travel company in the Republic of South Africa, specializing in guided self-drive tours of South Africa and tours of the Indian Ocean islands. The tour operator aims to create tailor-made packages for each individual traveler and the website is available in English.
The Echo Newspaper AfricanLaunched on 16 September 1974, The Echo is an Afrikaans-language daily newspaper that is distributed in five of the nine provinces of South Africa. It was formerly known as the Afrikaans-language Sunday newspaper, which at the time was the largest Afrikaans-language daily newspaper with a local circulation of over 100 000 copies in South Africa. The Echo’s website features news, sports, entertainment, graphics, columns, business, special interests, and more.
News24 AfricanNews24 is a South African online news website that covers sports, business, technology, and entertainment news from South Africa, Africa, and the world. Its coverage is very current and almost anything that happens within 24 is presented on the site, making it a very popular local news network with a high number of hits.
AllAfrica Global Media AfricanAllAfrica is an online news website owned by the Pan African News Agency (AllAfrica Global Media), covering news about the lives of people, politics, culture, and current affairs throughout Africa.———————————————
MWEB AfricanMWEB is a leading South African portal offering a wide range of services including entertainment, e-commerce, internet access, domain registration, email and design services, as well as access to the latest South African information.
MSN South Africa AfricanMSN South Africa is the South African branch of MSN, a portal created by Microsoft, which provides comprehensive web services such as email (Hotmail), news, search, weather, entertainment, social networking, instant messaging, blogging, sports, transportation, travel, film and television, and recruitment.
Naspershttp://naspers.comSouth AfricanNaspers is a leading South African multinational media group, founded in 1915, headquartered in Cape Town, and listed in 1994. MIH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Naspers, is the largest shareholder of Tencent.
Iafrica South Africa portalhttp://www.iafrica.comSouth AfricanAfrica South Africa’s major portal, officially launched and operated in 1997, provides comprehensive web services such as news, business, sports, motoring, entertainment, lifestyle, travel, social dating, tools, job search and recruitment, weather, and digital.
The New Age (South African) AfricanThe New Age (South African), a mainstream South African daily newspaper, was launched on 6 December 2010 by TNA Media Limited.
The Daily Sun Newspaper AfricanThe Daily Sun Newspaper is the largest circulation newspaper in South Africa, with 5 million copies sold daily, and is published by Media24, a subsidiary of Naspers. It covers a wide range of information on politics, military, sports, finance, and other topics in South Africa and abroad in English on a daily basis.
netwerk24http://www.netwerk24.comSouth Africannetwerk24 is a leading South African newspaper. The website is its official website, which provides domestic and international politics, current affairs, news commentary, business, topical analysis, entertainment, sports, pictures, videos, special interests, etc.
My Video AfricanMy Video is South Africa’s first online video website and a pioneer in video and film websites. The most unique aspect of the site is that it is essential to share videos from other parts of the world with each other when using it.
South African Television (ETV) AfricanSouth African Television (ETV) is the largest English-language television medium in South Africa, founded in 1998 and based in Cape Town, initially broadcasting only six hours of programming per day, which has since expanded to 24/7. Broadcast mainly in English, the programming includes a wide range of news, entertainment, and sports.
Mail & Guardian AfricanThe Mail & Guardian is South Africa’s influential English-language daily newspaper, founded in 1985 and based in Johannesburg, focusing mainly on political analysis, investigative reporting, news coverage of Southern Africa, local arts, music, and pop culture.
AGN Global Access SA AfricanAGN Global Access SA is a powerful South African television station with satellite coverage of South Africa and the whole of Africa and the rest of the world, with a wide range of up-to-date news, schedules, program guides, and other program services in English.
ASTV AfricanASTV is one of the most famous TV stations in South Africa, located in Johannesburg, South Africa. It has always had high ratings and provides all kinds of news and information, program schedules, previews, program guides, etc. The website language is English.
The Echo Newspaper AfricanThe Echo is the largest local Afrikaans-language daily newspaper in South Africa with a circulation of over 100 000 copies. The website includes news, sports, entertainment, graphics, columns, business, special interests, and more.
Sowetan AfricanThe Sowetan is a well-known black community newspaper with a predominantly black circulation, founded in 1982 and based in Johannesburg. Dedicated to covering black life, the newspaper has become one of the most financially viable newspapers in the region due to the relevance of its coverage of black people.
The Citizen AfricanThe Citizen is a mainstream South African English-language newspaper founded in 1976, based in Johannesburg, and jointly owned by Jonick Media Group and Caxton. The newspaper has branches in Pretoria and Cape Town.
SAPA AfricanThe South African News Agency (SAPA) is a relay point for the exchange and delivery of news in South Africa and Southern Africa as a whole. Founded in 1938 and based in the Grimside area of Johannesburg, it provides news and pictures to various media organizations (newspapers, TV, radio, etc.).
The Daily Sun (South Africa) AfricanThe Daily Sun (South Africa) is the country’s largest-selling newspaper, part of Naspers, based in Cape Town, published in English, with around 44 editions per day and a daily sales capacity of 500,000 copies, and a readership of over 3.8 million.
South Africa’s leading portal AfricanSouth Africa’s leading portal, officially launched in 1997, the website covers a wide range of topics including news, cars, entertainment, sports, weather, computers, etc. The website focuses on providing useful information and various services to its users.
The best TVhttp://www.dstv.comSouth AfricanThe best TV entertainment is at your fingertips. Watch the latest sports, movies, series, and reality TV shows and access the DStv TV Guide.
The Cape Times AfricanThe Cape Times (South Africa) is the most influential English-language daily newspaper in the city of Cape Town, founded in 1876 and published every morning, focusing on economic news and current affairs commentary, 87% of which is distributed in Cape Town.
AFRICA MAGIC AfricanAfrica Magic is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. It provides entertainment, TV shows, and movies, and provides up-to-date schedules, previews, and guides to programs in English.
WEATHER IAFRICA AfricanAfrica is one of the largest web portals in South Africa. The website is able to publish the high-quality text as well as audio-visual and photographic content that appeals to a wide user base. As one of the oldest portals in South Africa, it provides comprehensive information to its visitors. weather Africa is its weather section.
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