List of Mauritian news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name Website RelationshipsIntroduction
Mauritian Government website of the Government of Mauritius in English, with content such as government profiles, citizen and non-citizen services, business services, news and events, links to relevant departments, etc.
Mauri Tours Tours is one of the largest professional travel services companies in Mauritius and has built up a vast network of business contacts and clients over the past 33 years.
Al-Qarra TV TV, located in Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, is a commercial TV station in Mauritius with high ratings in Mauritius, keeping up to date with TV programmes, providing all kinds of news advice, previewing programme times and content, etc. The website language is French and Arabic.
The Mauritian newspaper Mauritius Gazette is a French language newspaper founded and published in Mauritius in 1908. It is one of the most widely read newspapers in Mauritius, with the richest editorial content and colourful printing. The website of La Presse de Mauritius is synchronised with the print version and contains a large number of photo news and columns, and the language of the website is French.
Mauritius News Paper website is the online website of the Mauritius News Paper, reading material for the various Mauritian nationalities in British society, including Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Chinese, among others.
L’Expresshttp://www.lexpress.muMauritianL’Express, the famous French language newspaper of Mauritius, was launched in 1963. It is the official website and the largest local news portal, offering information on news, sports, family, lifestyle services, chatting and socialising, cars, forums, etc.
Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authorityhttp://www.tourism-mauritius.muMauritianThis website is the official website of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) and provides a general overview of Mauritius, corporate governance, external cooperation, business information, tourist attractions and useful information on travel and accommodation.
Servihoo useful information portal with financial, agricultural, tourism information, business directory, mobile services and video and entertainment information.
Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).
Google search engine Mauritius site search engine Mauritius site, web, image and news search, supports personalised search and local search, offers forum, mailbox, calendar service and desktop search tools.
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