List of Egyptian news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

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Official website of the Egyptian government, known as the Arab Republic of Egypt, straddles the continents of Asia and Africa and is the most populous country in North East Africa, covering an area of 1,020,000 square kilometres, with Arabic as the official language and English and French as common languages. Egypt is one of the world’s ancient civilizations and has a semi-presidential system, with the President as head of state and supreme commander of the armed forces, and the Prime Minister as head of government. The official website of the Egyptian government is available in both Arabic and English and contains information on the functions of the national government, the country’s politics, economy and foreign affairs activities.
Aghapy TV happy TV is an Arabic language radio and television station broadcasting in Egypt and North America, established in 2005, with a Christian background, providing various information about the programs broadcast, times, content descriptions, program guides, etc. The website is available in Arabic and English.
The Pyramid newspaper Pyramids, founded in 1875, is the second oldest newspaper in Egypt after The Great Egyptian News, and is the country’s most widely read daily newspaper, with a huge influence in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. The Pyramid publishes 40 editions daily and over 50 editions on Fridays, with a circulation of 55% of the entire Egyptian newspaper market and 65% on Fridays. It covers the Middle East countries and the Gulf region.
Egypt.com website is an English-language news website in Egypt, with sections on news, the Middle East, the world, business, sports, top stories, etc. The website language is English.
Middle East News Agency Middle East News Agency (Arabic: وكالة أنباء الشرق الأوسط, English: Middle East News Agency, or MENA), also known as the Middle East Agency, is the national news agency of Egypt, with its head office in Cairo. The agency was established in 1956 and publishes in Arabic, English, and French. MENA has 26 branches in the country and 15 branches and correspondents abroad, mostly in the Middle East and North African countries.
Filbalad is a general portal in Egypt dedicated to providing users with information and services such as news, sports, entertainment, chat, forums, classified ads, city guides, TV shows, and more.
El Mehwar TV Mehwar TV is one of the most influential TV stations in Egypt, mainly keeping up to date with TV programs, focusing on top news, previewing the time and content of programs, entertainment, sports, search, and other kinds of information, the website language is Arabic.
ART TV TV is one of the largest TV stations in Egypt, second only to ERTU, presenting broadcast times, content guides, online viewing, updates on top news, and links to other TV stations, in Arabic.
Filbaladhttp://www.filbalad.comEgyptianFilled is a famous Egyptian general portal that offers comprehensive web services such as news, sports, videos, chat, forums, city guides, TV show information, classified ads, entertainment, and more.
Masrawyhttp://www.masrawy.comEgyptianMasrawy is the largest news portal in Egypt, featuring domestic and international news, free emails, stock information, business yellow pages, weather forecasts, and more.
Egypt Pyramids newspaper Egyptian newspaper Pyramids (الأهرام,) is the largest circulating Arabic-language daily folio newspaper in Egypt, with a daily circulation of about 1.1 million copies. Founded in 1875, Pyramid is the earliest newspaper to be published in an Arab country. The Pyramid’s circulation covers Middle East countries and is the largest newspaper in the region.
Arab Pop TV (4Shbab TV)http://4shbab.tvEgyptianArab Pop TV (4Shbab TV) is the first pop music TV station in the Arab world with a strong Islamic flavor. This website is its official website, which focuses on singing competitions, and is available in both English and Arabic.
Egypt.egypt.com is one of the portals in Egypt, providing the latest news and information about Egypt, Egypt travel guide, Egypt video and audio, Egypt web site navigation, and other services, is your important window to Egypt. The website is now available in Arabic and English.
Egypt Today http://www.egypttoday.comEgyptianEgypt Today is a leading Egyptian current affairs magazine, a monthly English-language publication first published in 1979 and based in Cairo. The magazine covers current affairs, and social, political, and economic issues in Egypt and abroad. Since its inception, the magazine has been popular with the local population for its rich content and sophisticated design.
Egypt Tourism Boardhttp://egypt.travelEgyptianThe official website of the Egyptian Tourism Authority provides a brief introduction to the country, its people, and culture, detailed information on the various attractions of the four major travel destinations (Nile Valley, White Mediterranean, Red Sea, and Western Desert), as well as detailed information on travel programs and the latest travel news and events to help you organize your travel plans. The website is available in several languages, including Simplified Chinese.
Egypt October Magazine Weekly (Egypt) is one of the two major periodicals in the Middle East. Founded in October 1973 and based in Cairo, its content covers all areas of political, economic, and social life, with a focus on major Middle Eastern and international hot topics.
The Egyptian Gazette Egyptian Gazette is the most influential and oldest English-language daily newspaper in Egypt and the oldest English-language newspaper in the Middle East, founded on 26 January 1880, with the newspaper’s headquarters moving to the capital Cairo in 1938.
The Egyptian newspaper Egyptian newspaper La République is an Egyptian government organ, founded in 1953 and based in Cairo, originally the organ of the Egyptian Revolutionary Steering Committee, which became the organ of the Arab Socialist Union in 1961.
The Pyramids Pyramids is the most influential Arabic-language daily newspaper in Egypt and the Middle East. It was founded in 1875 and was listed among the “Best International Newspapers” by the World Newspaper Guide in 1988.
Egypt’s number one portal for news’s number-one portal for news, free email, stocks, business directory, weather, and more about Egypt.
Filbalad’s general portal for news, sports, entertainment, chat, forums, classified ads, city guides, TV shows, and more.
The most prominent news media in the Middle East most prominent news media in the Middle East, focuses on news, politics, and culture in the region.
cima4uhttp://cima4u.comEgyptianWatch Arab and foreign movies directly online without downloading movies.
The Seventh Day Newshttps://www.youm7.comEgyptianThe Seventh Day News portal provides the latest and most important news from Egypt throughout the day. We also provide the most important sports, arts, economy, and accidents.
Egyptian news portalhttp://www.albawabhnews.comEgyptianEgyptian news portal.
Vetogatehttp://www.vetogate.comEgyptianArab and international news.
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