List of Slovak news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

NameWebsiteRelationships Introduction
Slovak government websites Slovak government website, is available in Slovak and English. The Slovak Republic, or Slovakia for short, is located in central Europe, with its capital and seat of government in Bratislava, and the official language is Slovak is the largest general portal in Slovakia for email, dating, news, entertainment, sports, shopping, horoscopes, etc. The website language is Slovak.
Slovakia Today Today is an electronic English-language magazine with breaking news, media commentary, domestic and international opinion reports, and more.
Slovakia Tourism aim of the Slovak Tourist Board is to promote tourism in the country, provide information about travel opportunities in Slovakia, promote Slovakia as a tourist destination, etc. The official website of its tourist office provides an overview of Slovakia, natural and humanistic tours, thematic tours, and information on practical lifestyle services.
Comprehensive Slovak portal Slovak portal.
Slovenská televízia Television (Slovenská televízia), is a national television station, based in Bratislava.
New Timesý čas (New Times), the largest newspaper in Slovakia.
Google Slovakia search engine. Slovakia search engine.
Czech-Slovak film databasehttp://www.csfd.czSlovakMovie news, movie synopses, latest trailers, movie premiere dates, TV schedules, DVDs and Blu-rays, and user reviews.
CETV Slovakiahttp://www.cetv.skSlovakCETV is a well-known local television station in Nitra, Slovakia, and the mainstream Slovak media, offering mainly general programming. This website is the official website of CETV and the language of the website is Slovak.
TV 8 8 is a famous private Slovak TV station, famous for its high-quality content in Slovakia. It is only available to customized users of the program, for access you need a username and password, registration is required to view the site, and the language of the site is Slovak.
TV LUX Lux, located in Bratislava, Slovakia, is one of the most famous Slovak TV stations, offering program schedules, previews of content, program reviews, program guides, online viewing of selected programs, and the latest news and information in the Slovak language.
DOMA is located in Bratislava, Slovakia, and is known for providing entertainment, TV series, variety shows, movies, etc. It offers program schedules, program guides program reviews, program highlights, online viewing of selected programs, etc. The website language is Slovak.
THE SLOVAK MUSIC SHOP website is a Slovak online music shop where users can sample some traditional Slovak music and polka music, as well as purchase CDs and books about Slovak music without paying online, just click on the order button and the music CDs will be delivered, and invoiced. If more than one cassette or CD is ordered, only one will be charged for shipping. The website is in English.
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