List of Jordanian video sites, TV, radio, newspapers and other websites (for information only)

Saraya News Network News is one of the largest portals in Jordan, including news, entertainment, forums, sports, economy, search engines, etc. The language of the site is Arabic.
Jordan Seven Star TV Star TV is the leading international television station in Jordan, covering the country, the Middle East, and the rest of the world. It offers a schedule of programs, online videos of selected news programs, previews of programs, etc. The website is available in English, Spanish, and Arabic.
Jordanian Constitution newspaperJordanianThe Constitution is an Arabic-language daily newspaper published and printed in Jordan. It began publication in 1967, before the Jordanian Publishing and Printing Company was a private company, which was acquired by the Jordanian government in 1986 and has since been known as a state-owned newspaper, and is one of the top-selling newspapers in the country.
Jordan Times Jordan Times is an English-language daily newspaper providing the latest Jordanian and international news coverage.
Jordanian Government Network of the Jordanian government, a website in English, with information on King Hussein I, the Hashemite family, an introduction to the Kingdom of Jordan, and a resource center.
Jordanian Ministry of Education of the Jordanian Ministry of Education, available in both Arabic and English, with information on the Ministry’s profile, school settings, educational projects, scholarships, educational news, etc.
Jordan Tourism Board in March 1998, the Jordan Tourism Board is an independent public-private partnership dedicated to packaging, positioning, and promoting Jordan’s tourism product as a destination in the international marketplace using marketing strategies.
The Jordan Star Star is an English-language newspaper published weekly on Thursdays for Amman, Jordan.
Shihanshihannews.netJordanianShihan is a Jordanian Arabic weekly newspaper.
 Alrai is a Jordanian Arabic-language daily newspaper owned by the Jordanian Press Foundation, which was first published in 1971.
Arab Independent Daily News is an Arabic-language daily newspaper founded in 2003, based in Amman, Jordan, and owned by the United Jordanian Publishing Company.
Arab Today Al-Yawm is an independent Arabic-language newspaper published for the pan-Arab region and based in Amman, Jordan.
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