List of Hungarian news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

NameWebsite Relationships Introduction
Hungarian Music 1 Music 1 is the largest music television station in Hungary and the strongest music TV station, offering introductions to the most popular current music, music reviews, star introductions, interviews, music reviews and recommendations and viewer polls, etc. The website language is Hungarian.
Budapest Times Budapest Times is a Hungarian English-language newspaper that focuses on political, current affairs, economic and social news in Hungary. Its target audience is expatriate business people living in Hungary, diplomatic envoys, and, increasingly, Hungarians attracted by independent political reporting.
Hungarian New Herald Hungarian New Guide is the largest weekly Chinese language newspaper in Hungary, published on Wednesdays and distributed free of charge in Hungary and surrounding countries, with 40-48 pages per issue, aiming to provide local Chinese with a full range of information such as news and information, travel, leisure, fashion, and entertainment information.
Index.hu  HungarianIndex. hu is a well-known Hungarian language portal, which has a monthly readership of over 1.3 million. The editor-in-chief and founder of the site are Andras Nyiro.
Hungarian website is for the Hungarian Government (Hungarian Government) and mainly provides an overview of the country of Hungary, the Hungarian government setup, public services, agenda, current affairs, etc. The website is available in Hungarian and English. Hungary (Hungary) is located in central Europe, the capital and seat of government are Budapest, the official language is Hungarian, and it is a multi-party parliamentary democracy with the President as the head of state and the Prime Minister as the head of government.
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Video2Brainwww.video2brain.comHungarianVideo2Brain: the online video education network is a free training platform for individuals and companies founded in 2002 by a Hungarian company; it offers video content in German, French, Spanish, and English, with nearly 1700 videos.
IO9io9.comHungarianIO9:Daily Science Fiction Information Network is a comprehensive information site on science fiction, fiction, pictures, entertainment, videos, comics, and much more. the official website of the Hungarian National Tourist Office presents an overview of the country, travel planning arrangements, tourist activities, tourist attractions, weather and currency, B2B services, inquiries, and more.
Hír TVír TV- Hungarian Press TV.
Magyar Televízió Televízió- Hungarian Television.
Duna TV TV- Hungarian Donau TV.
HBO television.
ATV Hungaryhttp://atv.huHungarianATV Hungary is the first private satellite TV station in Hungary and can be considered a household name in Hungary, a public service and commercial TV station.
Startlap Hungarian portal.
Origo’s leading news and entertainment portal.
(Népszabadsághttp://www.nol.huHungarianThe Hungarian newspaper Népszabadság (People’s Free Newspaper) is the largest national political daily with circulation in Hungary. Founded in 1942, it offers various types of news covering politics, economy, culture, sports, cars, gastronomy, editorials, and more.
Hirstarthttp://www.hirstart.huHungarianThe latest news from Hungary, politics, economy, sports, movies, foreign news, and more.
Indexhttp://index.huHungarianHungarian news media.
Hir24http://www.hir24.huHungarianNews and entertainment.
444http://444.huHungarianHungarian news website.
The New Heraldhttp://www.xindb.comHungarianThe New Guide was created in April 2000, is a weekly newspaper, published on Wednesdays, and distributed free of charge in Hungary and the surrounding countries. The aim of the newspaper is to provide local Chinese with a full range of information on news, tourism, leisure, fashion, and entertainment. With a large amount of local expatriate news, a large amount of local political, economic, and social news, a lively and relaxed layout, and beautiful pictures, it has an overwhelming local readership and influence.
Hungarian 168 Hours Weeklyhttp://www.168ora.huHungarianThe Hungarian weekly 168 Hours is a Hungarian-language political news weekly, distributed in Budapest. It was formerly a radio program of the same name belonging to Hungarian Radio Magyar, which was mainly a paper version of the radio program in the early days but was later transformed into a political weekly after certain adjustments.
Hungarian newspaper United Newspapershttp://www.lianhenews.comHungarianThe Hungarian newspaper “Union” (formerly “Eurasia News”), founded in April 1999, is a comprehensive weekly newspaper. It is the Hungarian partner media of the People’s Daily Overseas Edition and publishes the “People’s Daily Overseas Edition Hungarian Weekly (Hungary Special Edition)”.
D1 TV TV, located in Budapest, Hungary, is one of the largest television stations in Hungary, with high ratings in Hungary, offering various video services, exciting information, celebrity entertainment interviews, content introduction, and previews, etc. The website language is Hungarian.
Cool TV TV is located in Budapest, Hungary, and features entertainment, music, TV, etc. It provides all kinds of audiovisual information and entertainment information, offers program schedules, previews of program content, interviews with celebrity programs, etc. The website language is Spanish.
COMEDY CENTRAL website is the official website of the Hungarian Comedy Channel, a Hungarian drama channel based in Budapest. The website provides a schedule of programs broadcast by the Hungarian Comedy Channel, previews of its content, online viewing services, related entertainment news, etc. The website is available in Hungarian.
Sport 1 TV 1 TV website is a Hungarian sports TV station with content on football, NBA, blogs, videos, podcasts, etc. The website language is Hungarian.
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