List of Norwegian news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name Website RelationshipsIntroduction
Scandinavian Online (SOL) Scandinavia Online (SOL) is one of Norway’s most prominent and comprehensive web portals and one of the best online gateways for the outside world to learn about Norway. The portal features a wide range of content including news, entertainment, sports, chat and dating, email, video, and more, all in French.
Yahoo Norway site, international comprehensive portal. Yahoo Norway site, international comprehensive portal.
MSN Norway MSN Norway site, including all kinds of information, shopping, and games, as well as email, instant messaging, and blog portal services.
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), state-owned.
TV2 News, sports, entertainment, web TV, program guide…
NTV Norwegian Television (Norges Televisjon, NTV).
NRK Tekst-TV NRK Tekst-TV
TV Norge TV Norge
P4 P4
Norwegian News Agency (NTB) The Norwegian News Agency (NTB) is Norway’s only news agency, founded in 1867 and headquartered in the capital Oslo. Its domestic news is mainly provided through appointed reporters in local newspapers, while international news relies on the relay of wire services from Reuters, AFP, and Agence France-Presse International, as well as the Nordic national news agencies.
Dagens Næringsliv Dagens Næringsliv is one of Norway’s largest circulated tabloids, founded in 1889, and focuses on the economy, covering finance, energy, stocks, cars, jobs, and more.
Norwegian Evening Post Founded in 1860, the Norwegian Evening Post is Norway’s largest newspaper with a long history of serious journalism, and users can also register. The website is in Norwegian.
TradeWinds Norway’s TradeWinds is the world’s leading shipping newspaper and publishes the latest information on the shipping economy. The newspaper has correspondents in the world’s major shipping centers, ensuring accurate and timely news.
Bergen Tidene Bergen Tidene is the leading newspaper in Western Norway, established in January 1868, with a long history of providing local, national, foreign, sports, economic and other news in Norway. The Bergen Tidene is an example of the tabloid style of publishing and distribution.
Aftenposten Founded in 1860, the Norwegian Evening Post (Aftenposten) is a Norwegian-language folio newspaper with a long history of circulation and is based in Oslo.
Verdens Gang Verdens Gang is Norway’s second largest circulating tabloid newspaper, founded in 1945, without political party affiliation, and based in Oslo. With a daily readership of nearly one million, the newspaper has a strong position in European opinion today.
Dagbladet Dagbladet is Norway’s second-largest tabloid and third-largest circulation newspaper, founded in 1869 and published daily, with a circulation of 105,255 in 2009.
E24 Norway’s leading business news website.
Brunstad TV Brunstad TV, located in Oslo, is Norway’s most powerful TV station, covering the whole of Norway and the rest of the world. It offers program schedules, program guides, previews of content, etc. in Chinese, English, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Polish, Swedish, and dozens of other languages.
TLC Norge TLC Norge is located in Oslo, Norway, and is one of the largest commercial television stations in Norway. It provides program schedules, even updates of various news and information, program guides, program previews, program highlights, online videos, etc. The website language is Norwegian.
Visjon Norge Vision Norge is a Norwegian television station in Drammen that offers a comprehensive program schedule, previews, program information, news updates, online news viewing, recaps, and much more in Norwegian.
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