List of Greek video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name Website RelationshipsIntroduction
Greek Public Radio and Televisionhttp://www.hprt.grGreekProvides Greek news, world news, economy, culture, sports, science, and live web TV.
ANT1 TV Greecehttp://www.antenna.grGreekWebsite of ANT1 TV Greece, watch ANT1 live online, videos, and news.
Alpha TV
ΑΡΧΙΚΉ ΣΕΛΊΔΑ TV, located in the Greek capital Athens, is one of the most influential TV stations in Greece, keeping up to date with TV programs, even if it offers the latest schedules, previews of programme content, online news videos and other types, the website language is Greek.
Alter Channel
ΑΛΛΆΖΩ ΚΑΝΆΛΙ Channel is one of the largest and most influential commercial TV stations in Athens, with a high profile throughout Greece, offering all kinds of up-to-date news, insights, and reviews of topical issues, program guides, schedules, etc. The website is in Greek.
ΤΗΛΕΟΠΤΙΚΌΣ ΣΤΑΘΜΌΣ 4Ε, located in Thessaloniki, Greece, is the most famous local TV station and is popular throughout Greece, offering schedules, previews, highlights videos, interviews with people, etc. The website language is Greek.
Extra TV TV is located in Limassol, Cyprus, and offers a wide range of news and information, hotspots and insights, program schedules, program guides, program highlights, online video streaming, etc. The website language is Greek and English.
902 TILEORASI Tileorasi is one of the most famous commercial TV stations in Greece, offering a wide range of programs broadcast by the station, online video clips of some of the programs, news highlights tracking, schedule of programs, etc. The website is in Greek.
Nova Sports FM 94.6 Greece sports portal for football and all sports news from Greece and around the world.
E-Radio broadcasting portal.
Pathfinderhttp://www.pathfinder.grGreekComprehensive Greek portal offering a wide variety of services such as email, search engines, news and information, online shopping, chat, forum community, blog, and more.
In.gr, e-mail, entertainment, culture, search engines, and other web services.
Zougla onlinehttp://www.zougla.grGreekJungle online edition, Greece, economy, world, sports, technology, video, TV, columns, blogs.
Greece’s largest news site from Greece and the world.http://www.newsit.grGreekGreece’s largest news site from Greece and the world.
naftemporiki.grhttp://www.naftemporiki.grGreekGreek and world news websites, economy and markets, policy, society, sports, culture, environment, technology and science, health, video, multimedia, pictures, etc.
protothema.grhttp://www.protothema.grGreekThe Greek news sites, Greek news, world news, politics, economy, sports, cars, people, culture, technology, environment, etc.
Nnews247http://news247.grGreekGreek and world news websites, headlines, politics, economy, sports, cars, entertainment, blogs, videos, newspaper highlights.
Athens News Agency, Greecewww.amna.grGreekAmna: The Greek Athens News Agency is a semi-official Greek news agency founded in 1896; it provides a variety of news sources on Greek politics, economics, and…
TheBest.GRTheBest.GRGreekTheBest.GR: The Greek Patras News Portal is one of the leading Greek media magazines, mainly providing reports related to Greek news, health, science, social and entertainment information, and is a mainstream Greek media network.
Mygreek.fmwww.mygreek.fmGreekGreek.FM: Greek Online Music is an online Greek music website featuring Greek classical, traditional, and contemporary music, with information on many famous Greek songs, recordings, artists, and videos.
The Free Presshttp://www.enet.grGreekThe Free Press is the second largest media outlet in Greece, a national general newspaper, founded in 1975 and based in Athens.
The Dawn newspaperhttp://www.avgi.grGreekI Avgi (The Dawn) is a daily newspaper published in Athens, Greece, founded in 1952 and initially considered the “dawn of the left”; it was discontinued during the Greek military government of 1967-1974 and resumed publication after the restoration of democracy. It is the official website of the newspaper, which provides information on current affairs, politics, economy, business, sports, entertainment, culture, and life at home and abroad.
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Greece general portal Greek portal offering a wide range of services such as email, search engine, news, online shopping, chat, forum community, blog, and more.
Imerisia is a Greek financial newspaper that covers information about Greece, both nationally and internationally, with a focus on the economy, including insurance, investments, business, listings, taxation, economic policy, science, environment, etc.
The Dawn newspaper is a daily newspaper published in Athens, Greece, known as the “Dawn of the Left”, which is related to politics. It is now one of the leading newspapers in Greece in terms of sales. The website covers politics, international, economy, sports, culture, environment, etc.
Greek newspaper La Presse Greek newspaper Ta Nea is the largest-selling newspaper in Greece, based in Athens, and is published and distributed daily, offering mainly domestic, world, economic, cultural, and sports content in Greece, with a left-of-center political perspective.
Kathimerini Greek daily newspaper Kathimerini is an important Greek political morning newspaper, founded in 1919, with a circulation of 15% of the total circulation of Greek daily newspapers. It is an independent, non-partisan newspaper with a large readership in Greek political, business, and intellectual circles.
Eleftherotypia is the second largest general media in Greece, a national newspaper founded in 1975 and based in Athens, which has a significant position in the Greek media market.
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