List of Bhutanese video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, and other websites (for reference only)

Bhutan Observer Bhutan Observer is Bhutan’s first privately owned bilingual newspaper, launched in 2006, its Dzongkha version is called Druk Nelug and also has online English service content. The website includes news, forums, the economy, sports, weather, advertisements, and more.
Bootan is currently Bhutan’s second most comprehensive portal after the Bhutan government portal, covering all kinds of news, travel, economy, search, etc. within Bhutan, in English.
Kwesi Weekly Quesai Weekly is the national newspaper of Bhutan and the website is in English and Dzongkha board.
Bhutan Tourism Board’s tourism industry is relatively young and initially, the sector was run entirely by the government. In 2008, the Ministry of Tourism realized the importance of multi-sectoral development for tourism development, and the Ministry was granted autonomy under the administration of the Prime Minister and renamed the Bhutan Tourism Board.
Bhutan Government Network Kingdom of Bhutan (Bhutan) is a landlocked country located between China and India
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