List of Iranian video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, and other websites (for reference only)

NameWebsiteRelationship Introduction
Aparathttps://www.aparat.comIranianIranian video website. Offers cartoon cartoons, funny, educational, recreational, movies, music, news, politics, science, sports, and other videos.
Namashahttps://www.namasha.comIranianYour videos are easy to upload and share with others for free.
Telewebionhttps://www.telewebion.comIranianTelevision is the first Iranian live radio service and archive of audio and video programming in the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has become one of the largest Persian language digital media today and is growing in popularity. This service is available in the web version, Android app, and iOS app and updates its content every hour.
Tabnakhttps://www.tabnak.irIranianIranian news website.
Fars Newshttps://www.farsnews.irIranianRead the latest sports, news, political and economic news from Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, and other parts of the world here. You can download audio and video clips from Fars News Agency.
Asriranhttps://www.asriran.comIranianIranian news website.
Aftabir.comhttps://www.aftabir.comIranianIranian and world news.
IRNA News Agencyhttps://www.irna.irIranianIslamic Republic News Agency.
Borna.newshttps://www.borna.newsIranianIranian news website.
Sakhal TV TV is the name of two Iranian TV channels, which are part of the Sahar General Network, which broadcasts international radio programs and is based in Tehran
Mehr News Agency Mehr News Agency (MNA) is an Iranian news agency, based in Tehran, which is owned by the Organization for the Propagation of Islamic Ideology. With over 300 journalists and photographers, Mehr News Agency provides the widest range of news coverage in Iran.
Iranian Islamic Republic News Agency Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) is the news agency of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Icana News Agency Icana News Agency (Icana News Agency) is an Iranian government news agency that operated in 2009. Icana News Agency covers various political, social, economic, and other international areas.
Iranian Foreign Radio foreign radio station offering news, analysis of current affairs, Quran, live webcasts, and more.
Tehran Times Times (Tehran Times) is an Iranian newspaper.
Shargh is one of the most popular reformist newspapers in Iran. It is managed by Mehdi Rahmanian. The first issue of the newspaper was edited by Mohammad Ghouchani and it was established in 2002.
Persian Weekly Weekly (Persian Weekly) is an Iranian newspaper with two editions in Persian and English.
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