List of Slovenian news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

NameWebsite RelationshipsIntroduction
Website of the Slovenian government of the Slovenian government, available in Slovenian and English, with content including an introduction to the functions of the President, an introduction to the functions of the Prime Minister, an introduction to the Parliament and other state structures.
Radiobrezje is a local Slovenian music radio station featuring Slovenian music, the website is in Slovenian.
Slovenian newspaper Labor in 1959, Slovenian Labour is the largest national daily newspaper in Slovenia and is now the most credible and influential daily newspaper in the country. Its official website includes news, economy, sports, culture, stories, commentary, and more.
Slovenia Tourism official website official website of the Slovenian Tourist Board presents a country profile of Slovenia, tourist attractions, accommodations and hotels, tourist activities, conferences, tips for getting around, online booking and shopping, a travel directory, and much more.  SlovenianNajdi. si is a Slovenian search engine and portal created by Interseek. It is the most visited website in Slovenia. It uses technology developed by Interseek, which is written entirely in Java.
RTV Slovenia Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia, with two Slovene language channels, founded in 1958), Koper TV (Italian language channel) is the national TV station.
Slovenia’s leading online mediahttp://www.24ur.comSlovenianSlovenia’s leading online media: current affairs, sports news, and entertainment world in Slovenia and abroad.
Info TV TV is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and is known for providing all kinds of up-to-date information, with a high profile in Slovenia, offering program schedules, program content, previews, etc. The website language is Slovenian.
Gea TV TV is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and offers a wide range of TV programs, including news, entertainment, film, TV, etc. It offers program schedules, program guides, top news to watch, some online videos, etc. The language of the website is Slovenian.
MEDIA TV TV is a TV station offering all kinds of arts, information, entertainment, and social news. It offers a schedule of programs, previews of content, broadcast times, highlights of programs, reviews of programs, etc. The language of the website is Slovenian.
ATV SIGNAL is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and offers a comprehensive range of programs, including dramas, news, and commentaries, with program guides, previews, highlights, and schedules, in Slovenian.
RADIO BREZJEže is a place name in Slovenia. Radio Blaže is a local music station in Slovenia, featuring Slovenian music. The official website of Radio Blaže is in Slovenian.
Ars Longa Travel Agency in 1991, Ars Longa Travel has grown to become one of the leading tour operators in Slovenia, known for its high-quality tourism services, and has been the top Slovenian tour company for 12 years in a row. With more than 50 boutique itineraries, the agency offers a wide range of quality travel services.
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