List of Venezuelan news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name Website Relationships Introduction
Venezuelan government websites of the Venezuelan government, the language of the website in Spanish. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, or Venezuela for short, is located in the north of South America, with its capital and seat of government in Caracas, and the official language is Spanish. It has a presidential system and the President is the Head of State and Government.
Venezuela Tourism Board Venezuelan Tourist Board presents information on tourism-related advice and travel.
Globovision is a Venezuelan independent channel broadcasting 24 hours a day, established on December 1, 1994, and broadcasting in Spanish, it is the only opposition news station still in existence in the country.
South TV founder of TV del Sur (Latin America) is a Venezuelan who started the station when he learned that Al Jazeera in Qatar had been established with great success and that there was no such station in Latin America.
ATEL, located in Caracas, Venezuela, is one of the leading commercial television stations in Venezuela, with high ratings in the country. It offers program schedules, program guides, previews of program content, videos of exciting programs, etc. The website language is Spanish.
ANTV (Venezuelan National Television) is one of the largest television stations in Venezuela, broadcasting mainly news programs, but also other types of programs. It is a general channel, offering program guides, schedules, online viewing of some programs, etc. The website language is Spanish.
The Orinoco Post Orinoco Post is a newspaper founded by Simón Bolívar of Venezuela, created in 2009, in Spanish, and controlled by the Partido Socialista Unida de Venezuela (PSUV). website covers news from Venezuela and the world, including sports, economy, entertainment, general information, etc. The language is Spanish.
Agrarian TV TV, located in Caracas, Venezuela, is the most famous agricultural TV station in the country, offering information and knowledge about agriculture and its related aspects.
El Nacionalhttp://www.el-nacional.comVenezuelanEl Nacional is one of the most widely circulated newspapers in Venezuela. Founded in August 1943 and headquartered in the capital Caracas, the newspaper is distributed nationally and provides information on a wide range of national and global news.
El Mundo Mundo is a leading Venezuelan newspaper that covers news, economy, policy, markets, life, sports, and more in Venezuela and abroad.
Cantv.net comprehensive portal for Venezuela.
Google search engine Venezuela site search engine Venezuela site, web, image, and news search, supports personalized search and local search, offers forum, email, calendar services, and desktop search tools.
Venezuelan news websitehttp://www.noticias24.comVenezuelanVenezuelan news website.
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