List of Paraguayan news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name Website RelationshipIntroduction
Official website of the Presidency of Paraguay website of the Presidency of Paraguay, the website language is Spanish. The Republic of Paraguay, or Paraguay for short, is located in central South America, with its capital and seat of government in Asunción, and its official languages are Spanish and Guaraní.
The daily newspaper ABC daily newspaper ABC is one of the main newspapers in Paraguay and the largest with a daily circulation of 75,000. The official website is in Spanish and covers all types of news in Paraguay, as well as offering interactive links with internet users online.
Unicanal TV TV is one of the most famous TV stations in Paraguay, keeping up to date with TV programs, even if it presents the times when they are broadcast, content profiles, online videos, news highlights, etc. The website language is Spanish.
Paraguay of the largest portals in Paraguay, the site is ranked 7th in the whole of Paraguay and contains mainly the latest news and information, videos, weather, personals, forums, emails, etc. The language of the site in Spanish.
Tooncast TV TV is an animated TV channel of CNN dedicated to Latin America, featuring animated programs broadcast by the station, online polls, previews, shopping, etc. Its target audience is basically Paraguayan children, and the website is available in Spanish and Portuguese.
Guide to Paraguayhttp://www.yagua.comParaguayanGuide website to Paraguay and the main search engine for Paraguay.
Google Paraguay search engine Paraguay site (Google Paraguay), web, image, and news search, support personalized search and local search, offers forum, mailbox, calendar service, and desktop search tools.
(The Nation) newspaper La Nación (The Nation)
Ultima Horahttp://www.ultimahora.comParaguayanThe online version of the Paraguayan newspaper Ultima Hora provides national and international news.
ARANDU RAPE Rape is Paraguay’s most famous educational television station, mainly a supplement to television programs, offering presentations of various types of programs, searches of past programs, providing the latest information, in-depth analysis of topical issues, collection of viewers’ opinions, etc. The website language is Spanish.
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